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  1. Real_Comfortable3467

    Have to also keep in mind the mRNA vaccine approach has potential outside of COVID. So some choices have a great potential for the future breakthroughs.

  2. You underestimate the stupidity of people. This news will put some pressure on the willingness to get vaccinated or take a booster. People are willing to take horse dewormers, zinc or other remedies instead of choosing the logical route.

    That being said, the time to profit from their drop was to have a position before the news. I’m sure the vaccine maker stocks will come back.

    Merck’s news, if proven right, is a huge deal. This virus is becoming endemic and having a pill to prevent death is like having antibiotics for bacterial infections; you don’t want to get ill, but if you do, there is a pill.

  3. The stocks didn’t drop just because of the vaccine pill. They’ve been dropping all week.

    The boomers are full of FUD about Covid being over and these stocks being worthless when they have no idea what’s going on.

    These 3 companies will recover. mRNA and BNTX the better of the 2, PFE barely moves.

    Lucky for us, MRNA and BNTX have earnings very soon. MNRA on 10/28 and BNTX on 11/8.

    What has BNTX done the last earnings? Dip a month before, then skyrocket to a new all time high during that month.

    So I yolo’d in, I’m playing this until earnings and hoping to make some money in a month. These stocks are at the dip, this is the time to buy the dip (not financial advice).

    Unless something extreme happens where BNTX and MRNA have issues there should be no reason these stocks don’t moon the next few weeks

  4. Friday will prove to have been a great dip buying opportunity on BNTX.

    This pill is no substitute for a vaccine. Prevention > treatment, especially when the treatment has some potential serious side effects and is only 50% effective.

  5. No mention of $nvax which had a massive drop at open on Friday. That drop was cut in half by the end of day, people are already buying up the dip.

  6. 8 OCT 380C x7 at 4.8 premium . I hope all those words said it’s rebounding next week not retracing back to 270-290

  7. gunsgoldwhiskey

    Merck gonna make me money

  8. PolyphonicMenace

    There is also an element of ‘COVID is over’ and ‘most people are vaccinated now so sales we drop for MRNA/PFIZER/J&J’.


    Not withstanding booster shots, variants and all the other MRNA-based products Moderna are producing, enormous swathes of the world remain unvaccinated and given the increased efficacy of Moderna’s shots over Pfizers it has some edge. However, I think Moderna tends to price its shot slightly higher and there is fairly intense pricing competition for vaccines in the 2nd/3rd world – may opt for cheaper Covax, Sinopharm, Sputnik etc.


    Hard to say what a fair valuation for MRNA is, but their revenue and margin are huge now!

  9. Pure Blood here. It will be a cold day in hell before I become a lab rat and get jabbed with any mRNA Vaccine. I will not invest in any Pharma that gets a large percentage of revenue from mRNA vaccines.

  10. It’s a great opportunity, I’m in!
    Mrk to $150 at the end of year. 🔥


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