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  1. Nice positions, you must be new here. You fucking idiot.

  2. guarantee huh? Screenshoted. If I don’t get 400% returns I’ll let my lawyer know where I got my **investment advice**.

  3. That’s a really interesting point on inflation and astute observation on steel.

    However, I think in two years time you would be looking at some gains but not 200% because Construction esp in China is one of the biggest consumers of steel. Now that ever grande is in dicey position, CCP trying to control property prices (there being a massive over supply in some areas already)
    So going to see a big slump in Chinese demand.

    Also, looking at the US side, the infrastructure spending won’t cause a spike in the demand because I see PPP (Planning Permission and Politics) adding about two-ish years to get the ball rolling on this.

  4. Holding Coffee Futures. Let’s go.

  5. But if inflation remains high (your base case) eventually steel buyers won’t be able to or will chose not to buy steel because of the elevated price and the stock price would suffer.

    The steel buyers go away when they can no longer pass additional higher costs onto their own customers.

  6. Cryptokeeper001

    This sub cracks me up. Stay retarded!

  7. Cleveland cliffs stock is up 3X since pre-Covid. I thought you said the steel companies stock prices barely moved even though steel prices are up 3X since pre-Covid?

  8. The reason the market thinks inflation is temporary is because all of the price increases have come from the supply-side shortages due to covid supply chain disruption. So when that goes back to normal, prices will go back to equilibrium. If inflation was really coming from monetary policy issues then it would be reflected in the dollar, and the price increases would have hit more evenly across the various commodities that have gone up a lot.

  9. justknoweverything

    this also assumes steel demand stays up, which it won’t. It also assumes many other things like market sentiment even with inflation or future predictions. Plus, the market doesn’t like or care about steel.

  10. The-Night-Raven

    2 years? Be homeless or dead by then.

  11. if youre betting on inflation going up it’s easier to just buy at the money TLT leap puts.

  12. Between CLF and STLD – which one do you like as the better steel play?

  13. Excellent-Spite-3005

    What stocks to buy

  14. BunsBeyondBelief

    “Confirmation bias in the comments only please”

  15. So let’s get at this for real. What uses steel, and in particular what uses steel mined and smelted in the US to the exclusion of imported?

    Not US residential housing stock. Most of those units are wood frame construction, with maybe a few cables in the foundation.

    Not US office buildings and malls. Yes, they require steel to build them, but we have vacancy rates in excess of 50% as everyone has pivoted to work and shop from home. No one needs a new steel building in this country for the next 5 years.

    Cars (and other motor vehicles)? Yes, cars require steel to build, although not the US’ best selling vehicle the F-150, that’s aluminum chassis and frame now, and many vehicles will follow suit. Overall the trend will be less steel to make more cars.

    So what the fuck exactly would induce someone to drop 2 bands a ton on steel in 2021 when they could just as easily defer their project to 2023 or not do it at all?

    Simple: a Congressional mandate to spend tax dollars to build infrastructure. Roadways? Require steel. Bridges? They are made of steel. Railways and railcars? Those are pure steel, with a pinch of engineering added for flavor. New factories? Steel. Solar installations? Steel. Power transmission lines? Steel. The CAT equipment (cranes, dozers, loaders, et c.) to build all this stuff? Made of steel.

    It pretty much boils down to whether Congress can get their act together. If they pass Infrastructure Jr, (1.2T), a lot of steel will get bought and used. If they also somehow put Manikin’s balls in a vice and Kyrsten dies of COVID and they get the $3.5T bill passed, steel prices will rocket to the moon and holders will be blessed as the dividends rain down like flakes of slag from a hot-press.

    Don’t hold your breath.

    EDIT: I see most of your calls are dated Oct 15th. The trust in Congress runs strong in you, little one. I’d sooner dip my balls in an industrial grinder.

  16. Cool I’ll do the opposite and short CLIFFS to 10

  17. SideWalkGum-sticky

    I’ve held bad advice stocks longer than your shit account has been around for. This is a bunch of bullshit and your x+y=tendida math is nothing more than hot air up a strippers asshole. Slide down that pole and when you reach earth, let me know so we can talk about non bullshit stocks concepts.

  18. The raw material will also see the inflation.

  19. TimelessCelGallery

    That’s what the rich people have been doing for like the last 150 years… but it’s gonna end up being far less than 200-400% if you account for the recessions and depressions that happens every so often.

  20. katie_the_kitten

    The market can and will stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent. Play your positions or ban


    Steel stocks like X have 4-5x’d in a year. Idk where you get “haven’t moved from”

  22. You fucking retards and your commodities plays. The only way this works is with borderline hyper inflation and even then, it will probably **still** lag the broader market, because that’s where everyone throws their money in a inflationary environment.

  23. This dude bought at $24 and is trying to unload his bags lol

  24. Too many words. What letter stonks should I buy?

  25. To those who are new here.
    Whenever you see someone post in bold letters “here’s how to do it. Here’s how it’s guaranteed”
    Do the exact opposite of whatever that person is about to say.


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