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  1. I think management should hand out viagra to shareholders much like amc handing out popcorns! TEVA definitely needs an erection.

  2. Shady AF, yeah Buffet threw some chump change at it to give it some credibility but that’s it, the recent ‘peddling opioids lawsuit payout ?’ if this carcass can get back up to $32 or higher I might give it some $$ until then it’s a dead stock. Buy if higher than $32 [zero chance] sell if it gets to $42 [no chance], now leave it alone like it was a plague carrying rat, everyone and their granma cashed out as soon Buffet steppd in lmao.

  3. newtonsnum2pencil

    I was trading $TEVA from Dec 2017 to January of this year, and then dumped my load at $11.30 and never touched it again.
    What made me get into was Buffet buying somewhere in the low $20’s and I was just following him.

    Now u make me wanna poke it again

  4. Ive been holding this. Disposable income getting rekt. Consumers switch to generics.


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