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  1. I went in early on Gilead for remdesivir and that went nowhere.

  2. i agree, however, monday morning may be too late MRK could explode by open :edit: it spiked today but didnt quite hit its own 1yr high. this could go to $200 on monday i swear

  3. Im_Blind_And_Deaf

    I’m confused, are you supposed to take it whenever tested positive for Covid?

  4. Let me guess it comes with required blood tests to verify you are taking it. Cus freedom.

  5. Suitable_Dress8291

    50% prevention THATS garbage!

  6. To open the world? Vaccine has always been the answer. I know a lot won’t and don’t want to get it but atleast, wear a mask on crowded places. Or do what it takes to protect yourself.
    This pill is nice to have and I hope it works as it lesses the burden of hospital. Mild to moderate non urgent symptoms can now be treated at home using this pill. Just like Tamiflu for Influenza.

  7. Imagine if you actually read the study data and realize that antivirals have so so so many side effects. Dumb 🤡

    >To the 🤡 downvoting. One possible side effect is MUTATION (cancer).

  8. It probably works as well as the vaccine.

    Not well at all.

    But these morons that take it are pissed you aren’t as dumb as them, and want you to be like them.

  9. Why would someone too stupid to take a vaccine take this instead? It’s a chemo agent; it works by damaging DNA, which means it causes mutations; similar drugs are well known to cause cancer.

    Broad use of this drug in a population in place of a COVID vaccine would mean that we hate that population and want them to get cancer and birth defects, needlessly.

  10. It doesn’t prevent u retard, it is an antiviral that needs to be taken at onset of symptoms.

    If you’re asymptomatic like must dumb apes, you’ll miss the window.

    GPS will write this script because they are dumb apes like u.

  11. Position: 100x 110c 11/29.

    You are a true fucking retard.

    You belong here!

  12. cyasundayfederer

    Merck will lobby for this and it will be >$100B profit for them. You give this drug to people when they show symptoms and you do not give it to people who are extremely sick.

    This means the usecase is for it to be given to a shitload of patients. 1 tablet costs $70 and you’re supposed to to take 10 tablets in 5 days. Were vaccinating kids right now who have basically no risk. Literally the only reason they are being vaccinated is the pfizer lobby. Lobbying every rich country in the world into buying this drug will be the easiest thing in the world and when more than $100B is at stake it doesn’t even need to be easy. Pfizer earns like $39 per vaccine or some shit btw. Merck will print money.

    Give lobbyists a billion dollars and a mission to make rubbing feces in your eyes the go to procedure to lower covid deaths and we’ll have mandated ‘feces in eyes rubbing’ within a couple months for more than 500 million people. Long story short this cannot go tits up.

    Position 82.5C 01/21.

  13. If you don’t want to full YOLO like a degenerate, seems like great long volatility play

  14. jesus $110/ 11/29 thats pretty ballsy

  15. Is this like that pill that makes my special part big?

  16. Miserable-Cucumber70

    Grabbed a measly 2k of shares….holding this motherfker long time

  17. katie_the_kitten

    The problem is that not enough people are being vaccinated. 99% of hospitalizations in the US from COVID are from unvaccinated people. Do you *really* think that anti-vaxxers will take a COVID pill?

  18. How did the ivermectin trolls end up here in WSB? Some idiot below says ivermectin is curing india and japan…how’s it working out for oklahoma, missouri, mississippi, alabama, florida, and texas? or are you just really that stupid that you think india and japan are being cured of covid by ivermectin because you heard it from another retard?

  19. If they shape them like a orange dick, might work in America too.

  20. The pill seems awfully close to the FRENCH STUDY…hydroxyclorquine ..cant spell it..MY GUESS IS ITS QUININE ZINC AND VITIMIN C… LOL BUT IM GUESSING JUST LIKE THE REST OF THEM

  21. The drug commercials for this one are going to be interesting if they don’t change the name. Ask your doctor if MolybdenumPirateVirus is good for you.

  22. Suitable_Dress8291

    Also taking this pill too often is like taking antibiotics too often.. or anything for that matter… ur body creates a resistance so this might just be only a “morning after pill” indeed… complete junk… MRKA WILL FALL THIS WEEK

  23. I’m down for 8x $120c 1/21


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