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  1. CLNE is the way.


  2. But why are they not showing a profit?

  3. aphelionmarauder

    Royal Dutch Shell Class B shares are the real MVP play.

  4. Agreed. I’m long on XOM, RDS, and MPC, bought all 3 during the Great Dip of 2020. They not YOLO plays, but any dips are likely temporary, b/c despite my bag of TSLA, I know oil and gas ain’t going away anytime soon.

  5. Immediate_Guidance_6

    I’ve been long xom since January, up 48%, this right after Crammer pronounced oil was dead.

  6. Canadian Oil became lean and profitable sub $40 a barrel over the last 6 years and are going to be cash cows going forward. Suncor(SU) and Cenovus (CVE) cash flows at these prices will be outrageous. 300% 12 month gains incoming.

  7. I’m looking for alpha in my investments. Long term, these international oil companies hit cyclical highs and lows. The benefit of the current natural gas run is it will spur investment in natgas infrastructure where the gas is abundant (USA). If you believe the agenda of the world is to continue to move to cleaner fuels on a path to renewables, then getting gas from where it is cheap to where it makes money is worth a lot. IOCs are the blue chip market rate way to capitalize.

    I seek outsized gains. That’s why I’m really focused on $TELL. Tellurian is weeks away from the final phases of securing investment to build an export terminal to capitalize on the arbitrage between Henry Hub gas prices and the rest of the world.

    Right now, US gas prices are expensive. Wait until they go even higher this winter. Then realize that it’s still a fraction of the global price, and when US price comes down in Spring as increased production brings abundant resources online, the global supply is fixed and limited by export availability. You’ll see the opportunity. And you’ll realize why Royal Dutch Shell signed with Tellurian $TELL

    Current SP = $3.96
    EOY SP > $12

    You’re welcome.

  8. I am betting big on Tellurian (Tell). The company is in the LNG sector with will be crucial for supply the world with energy. Their founder Charif Souki is known as the godfather of LNG. He founded Cheneire Energy, went from $2 to now nearly $100 plus paying dividends. Tell’s integrated business model will make them more profitable than other companies. I am currently all in with Tell.

  9. $TELL is the YOLO play here.


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