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  1. Good DD. I’m in heavy on BTU as well. I’m just worried if Europe and china just decide to stop using electricity, it might drive coal price down.

  2. spartybasketball

    I went down with BTU the first time!

  3. jorgennewtonwong

    You guys should get into $BTU, $ARCH is ripping too and its a less levered play

  4. When mining it involves kids under 10.. .time to draw a big f/o line…

  5. Archer_memeless

    there’s probably some polish guy that can track exactly where the worlds coal comes that supplies each coal market. he then tracks every port, ship or boat to see how quickly the coal can be broght to the county where it’s traded. he then works out all the energy that is needed from factories, trains, etc. he weighs then supply/demand ratios and compares it to the day before. if it’s good, he yolos his mums life savings into atm calls on stocks like theses expiring in 2 years. he yolos on stocks like these coz they’re just leveraged securities of the commodity their business is about.

  6. Months ago I saw a DD for BTU when it was below $5, I ignored it, not making that mistake again…


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