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  1. Don’t forget SDC currently has 250% CTB and 48% SI of FF. 🚀🚀🚀

  2. Thanks for the DD. Let’s gooooo!

  3. Well done. The borrow rate is up to 62% with 100.% utilization. Looking good

  4. Wake me up when this shit stock gets above 7.

  5. lol that last line. Spoke to my soul. Everybody became a “dentist” when they were spreading that FUD.

  6. It’s a long way to 6.40

  7. Have 33 $3 calls Jan 21. Stock is oversold compared to its value and competitors. Excited to see gains immediately but expecting a small dip this month with market being shakey. All should be fine by Jan though

  8. Stock gets pumped and dumped wayyy too much for me to want to hold it. It’s attached itself too deep into meme status that I don’t think it has a chance for awhile.

  9. RegulateTheRegulator

    Im in, i will read it later 🦍🍌

  10. Miserable_Horse9484

    See yall in 15!

  11. I’m in!! Added a few more shares today as well!

  12. 100 shares in. Hopefully I can get me some tendies fayyyst. I needs to get my wife back. She chose the sole pole over bags.


    Am not a dentist but have many family members who are dentists. Just finished Invisalign. Inquired about SDC to save money on costs, they advised me not to get SDC and get Invisalign. They’ve had multiple patients have to get braces/Invisalign after SDC and causing more issues. That’s just my two cents.

  14. Secure-Influence-960

    75 contracts OTM $7 calls. Price is too cheap to ignore. Fundamentales are solid. It will moon 🚀

  15. Looks like downtrend is broken 😁

  16. Sdc fair price is 20 dollars without squeeze


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