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  2. You forgot to add this is the gme amc of mining stocks. Great write up definitely a lot better than mine on this.

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  4. I’m not used to seeing good DD here, I wasn’t prepared for this 🦧

  5. AaronTheDakotan

    >The responsible investor complements this with their own DD to get a wide understanding of the sector and company.

    Lol no. In with 30 $10 10/15 calls.

  6. gncRocketScientist

    One of those that hurts to look at the 1 year chart. What a missed opportunity

  7. This thing could easily rip another 50%-150,% especially if the board smashes it. Short seller % on this is most likely up there.

  8. The_Magic_Tortoise

    So even if I have the money, my wife’s boyfriend is still going to be pissed?

  9. Aggravating-Berry-50

    πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘

  10. Seriously why I’m a 🌈🐻for the next 3-6 months at least

  11. Thanks for letting us know of a play that’s gone x20 in 12 months… I’m sure nobody else has ever thought of it…

  12. Nice DD, but your energy cost thesis will negatively impact GSM too, since they have major production facilities in Spain & France. This is just the beginning of the silicon rally, and imo US producers are the best positioned to take advantage of that.

  13. >Silicon metal

    Not strong out of the gate calling silicon a metal

    Long $SPY you 🌈 🐻


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