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  1. Tempting pump here. Might throw my MU put profits and let it ride! Will update the thread on Monday if this post is still up. Godspeed to you and your investments.

  2. Thanks for the well written DD. Been awhile since Iv read any.

  3. What if the upcoming FDA decision is unfavourable to the company? How much will that matter to the share price?

  4. HeyMyNameIsDylan

    i didnt read any of this. I’m all in.

  5. TradingForCharity

    I hate the phrase DD… fuckin noobs

  6. SuprntendoChalmers

    I cant read your broker. What was the premium on the calls when you bought ?

  7. Emergency-Eye-2165

    So what happened in August 2020 that halved the stock price?

  8. Biomarin is legit…if it’s ema approved FDA will give it too.

    I’m in for calls.

    I might go more aggressive tho.

  9. Hmm. I’m not as smart as I look, and even more dumber than I write. All in.

  10. doublemctwist1260

    2015 called they want their biotech stonks back

  11. I’m buying nov 19 2021 100$ calls at monday open. Thanks for the dd, looks like a great play. Looking forward to that pre-anticipatory run!

  12. This whole play is founded on the belief that FDA approval will trigger a boost in the stock price. Yet when the EU approved the drug on Aug 27 the stock had no positive reaction at all, it even went down?

  13. What are your thoughts about negative sentiment following the Astellas clinical trial?

    A single death from gene therapy seems to me to be small peas and largely media FUD when contrasted other drug therapies, but that said in both that instance and in the case of BMRN’s drug, neither condition is in itself life threatening if left untreated. I wonder if the FDA may reconsider putting this on ice until negative sentiment is forgotten with gene therapy drugs considering it would the the safest political option here.

    Do you think the FDA could reconsider approval of this gene therapy in light of this recent death from another gene therapy drug given that potential (although rather limited) risk?

  14. BioMarin is cool, but everyone living in Marin sucks. Bunch of Pretentious hippy snowflakes that pretend to have money, but really they’re house rich and cash pooor.


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