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  1. Sorry, SPX 0 days just don’t have the same ring to it. Ill pay the tax

  2. I agree, but personally I don’t like the spreads on SPX options, they’re too wide and fluctuate too quickly to get filled in/out on scalps compared to SPY options, at least in my experience.

  3. You got too many words and not enough 🚀🖍
    Have to draw em in

  4. smellslikegoose

    Pro Tip – You don’t pay tax on losses. Gambling debt is Tax Deductible, Chief

  5. tbh didn’t get through the whole thing but saved it so I feel responsible and better about myself

  6. BreakfastOnTheRiver

    This means my tax loss harvesting won’t be as substantial tho

  7. theRealDavidDavis

    If you trade options on a ticker for the tax benefits over things like volume then you’re pretty much an idiot.

    Liquidity is king

  8. You can’t get assigned on SPX. If I seek puts, I can get assigned on spy and hold my position until profitable.

  9. Adding MES (1/10th of ES) for completion

  10. Is /MES and /Mnq treated the same as /ES and/NQ?

  11. The people throwing money into $10 SPY options “with money they can’t afford to lose” definitely aren’t going to be able to pay $3500 per SPX contract lol

  12. No issues with IRA accounts since it’s all taxed the same in the end. 1256 contacts don’t seem to work well in TurboTax for me. That being said, I would struggle thru all that for the tax savings if I weren’t trading in a qualified account.

  13. Spiritual_Extreme_81

    What about liquidity? I’ve seen wide spreads on these where SPY is always tight

  14. You doing the IRNT play and then spreading the gospel of 1256? You’re a good person.

  15. Holy fuck this was awesome you 🍤 fucker

  16. Been doing spx for a hot minute. Sadly, I’m down 35k ytd with them. 7/20 and 7/23 and September really fucked me up.

  17. options on SPY and QQQ are section 1256 tho. This kind of surprised me at first too.

  18. I’ll worry about that if I ever get my account in the green, lol


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