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  1. Bruh I’m way to high to read all that fucking shit.. I’m in thi 20k to where?


    It’s kind of cool invest in drug legaly

  3. So… buy FDs on TLRY?
    Can you add a tldr? Or I love a good tlcr (emojis only)

  4. Scientist-Local

    Bro, forget the OTC trash. Invest in TLRY so they become $200 and buy all the otc trash and become the biggest. That’s my thesis. Let all Robinhooders consolidate the cannabis market by making TLRY king by Meme

  5. you are right about most of it.

    but federal legalization is going to be something one side or the other holds up until everybody and their buddies slop up all that otc stock and they figure out how it all works and who’s going to be the king of whatever pseudo monopoly comes of it.

  6. Well I beat charges for growing / selling 420 when it was medicinally legal I had 99 plants.. recently I got red tagged and threatened to have my property forclosured because I didn’t have a commercial license even tho I have grown for years legally medicinal.

    This legalization is fucking busllshit so I need a new way to profit of the dank without growing (unfortunately)

  7. In 2 to 5 yrs cannabis companies are not gonna be worth shit, people go to dispenseries now cause its like wow i can go buy something in a store that 5yrs ago id get locked up for, the cannabis market is already oversaturated, 6yrs ago growers had no problem getting 3k a pound for their weed, now in some areas its down to 500 for same thing, its kinda like gold, price goes down too low its not worth mining cause operating costs are to high and profit margin to low, the more its legalized the more available it is and its easy to grow your own. I can grow a half pound of weed that is 10x better quality then any dispo or shop has for about 70 dollars compared to it costing 2k plus in a store. And its not that hard to do, weed stocks were a good idea in 2014 now they are all gonna be just pump and dumps til they are all gone

  8. Cannabis has been fucking me for months now

  9. Williamnight294

    So what are your top cannabis stocks? Thanks for the great post btw

  10. thebullishbearish

    Weed stocks are legal in canada, can trade on listed exchanges and have full access to debt and equity markets… and they are still trading like crap and are 50-75% off peaks.

  11. Human-Firefighter755

    Why not THCX tho?

  12. I’m fairly bullish on the cannabis industry long term, but even short-medium term, at least politically, legalization is still quite a ways out. There would need to be bipartisan support, and even still there would maybe be dissent within the democrats if they were to introduce federal legalization. I’m more confident on the MORE or SAFE acts passing and being implemented in the long term, but logistically its hard for most MSO’s to really capitalize off equity markets in the same way that TLRY or other Canadian LP’s can. The strong business fundamentals of MSO’s in relation to pricing is very fair given the above, and if there is some kind of regulatory change in how MSO’s can operate and access capital markets then Pandora’s box will have been opened so to speak in terms of valuations I’d assume.

  13. People are downvoting me because I said TLRY is shit. Well, I still think it’s absolute garbage – it is losing a ton of money and has no growth ops in the US – the largest cannabis market in the world. You can downvote this comment and call me a shill for US cannabis stocks – truth is that TLRY will still be losing billions, I don’t care

  14. God, this post was not meant to praise tilray. Just so I am clear on my position- tilray is a shit company with shit financials that will go bust within a few years – I do not give a fuck if this will get downvoted. Look at their financials for once in your lifetime they are burning cash and cannabis opportunities in Canada are sparse and expensive, as well as slow growing.

  15. My cannabis stocks are $SPG, $V and local banks.

    And $MO

  16. I have lost so much money on TLRY it’s ludicrous

  17. Great post Pal !

    My portfolio is mostly in cannabis sector, getting ready for 2022 ! The same as I was getting ready for big profits in energy sector 2 years ago… who’s laughing now

    I think SNDL will become a great player soon, they are after getting another company, so they have total of 180 stores atm if I’m not wrong – not even mentioning other investments they are doing.

    When US barrier open for them , sky is the limit

  18. High Tide. A lot of good news since a year, price very low right now in my opinion.

  19. Wow![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|upvote)![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|upvote)

  20. Smoking weed was cool when it was illegal..
    Now everyone wants 12 different types of pharma drugs for their autism..
    Ask Martin Shkreli..

  21. AggravatingAd2486

    I think a federal decriminalization is inevitable, I like the move. What companies are good?

  22. TLRY is better positioned globally. It’s not just about the US.

  23. Everyone talking about the growers, but don’t forget legalization doesn’t happen unless the tax man gets his taste.


  24. Lunches_Less_Often

    All the TLRY bagholders have seem to have found a home in this thread.

  25. GTI + Curaleaf market cap end 2023: $28.25 billion

  26. What do you think of high tide

  27. virginia_hamilton

    My MJ holdings are down 50%, guess it’s time to buy more

  28. Pot’s okay I guess but how can I invest in crack? Crack is a proven earner.

  29. You are right. When these list on the NYSE, institutions, retail, etc. is going to go ballistic. Mods don let me post these tickers cos they OTC, so all the retards are being extra retarded and buying Tilray, Canopy, etc. which is all a Ponzi scheme basically. Truly autistic even by WSB standards

    /disclaimer: my life savings are 💯% in US Cannabis

  30. kateroxstarSmith


  31. W.S.B is 100% on the $! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity – You will be a legend or a loser! Nothing in-between

  32. Odd-Measurement7706

    Cannabis stocks are good for one thing, manipulation. None of them are going anywhere. After cannabis becomes legal, all US and Canada cannabis companies will be undercut by cheap manufacturers in South America where you don’t need large warehouses and the environment is perfect for growing year round outdoors. The cannabis sector is collapsing.

  33. I’ve set and forget 1k shares of Cresco at 9 and change. Wel see what happens in 2 -5.

  34. Odd-Measurement7706

    Tilray CEOs selling their Tilray stock in mass.

  35. Straight_Change7484

    MSO are going to be ahead in US domestic market; until they’re not (when it becomes legal, LPs from Canada will eat their lunch with low production costs and maybe some good net-work to ship nationwide… My guess will be an MSO and LP partnerships / mergers will lead to a much better value.


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