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  1. A bear trap, what do u mean my ape?

    Means no honey for short sellers.?

    Walk me through it.

  2. Lol Pipe unlocking today, pump it up so that they have a better exit price.

  3. Days to cover means nothing pre-PIPE unlock.


    People want profit. They will take profit. Stock goes down.

  4. Buy the dip and oh yeah, let’s go Brandon!

  5. Did anyone else read that entire post? Any0ne? Bueller? Bueller?

  6. Thought about selling. I guess I’ll just buy more if it dips below my average of 12.33

  7. Thunderfoot said something to the effect of reusable rocket shells compared to fuel consumption is physically unsustainable. But it sounds nice to scam the investors with. So toooo the mooon at a higher cost then it should

  8. Hands up. Who read the whole post.

  9. Longest dd I l’ve ever scrolled through. Did this ape post positions? Couldn’t be bothered to try and find them.

  10. Seeing the words β€˜dark pool’ feels almost retro at this point.

  11. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4259)![img](emote|t5_2th52|4259) Classic pump before the PIPE un-clock dump.

  12. thepersianbeauty

    I had an aneurysm trying to read this

  13. Feisty-Cantaloupe745

    Word words question, is it going to moon?

  14. Secure-Influence-960

    I love Rocketlab and I know this will fly πŸš€. But this post is crazy…way too long

  15. Did you copy the entire website onto this post?


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