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  1. YourMostFavoriteNPC

    Love this news! Been hodling for some time now!

  2. Dogshit.

    US cannabis companies (Trulieve, Curaleaf, Greenthumb, Cresco, or the Big 4 etf $MSOS) are where it’s at, especially with possible Federal legalization.

    US accounts for 75% of all marijuana sales globally.

    Sundial ain’t gonna be leading SHIT lmfao

  3. While I do own SNDL, TLRY and CGC are the big dogs most strategically ready to leap into US operations as legislation is enacted. The fear of small growers that the big companies will sweep the market is justified, look at beer, cigs, vapes, the big companies take over pretty quickly, so while I’m happy about the liquor acquisition, it doesn’t really change my take that SNDL may struggle to grow internationally like TLRY and CGC are.

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  5. All_In_or_Nothin

    That’s what’s up.

  6. There is future in canabis I believe but this is still being runned by a shitty team. For real.

  7. SNDL ride of a lifetime!!

  8. Shit company with a huge share float

  9. Ive talked about ssdl before and was told not to hold. Still holding 1k shares.

  10. I BUY + HOLD 🙌💎🙌

  11. SNDL is quite literally the WORST cannabis stock on the market. You cannot be serious with this 😂😂😂

  12. $SNDL shit or not, we are retards, we like the stock

  13. aKnightWh0SaysNi

    Please go up. I need to dump my shitty SNDL shares at a better price.

    Premarket looks good though.

  14. Not getting baited into this again

  15. PaysOutAllNight

    Last time I looked, SNDL had a valuation of over $4,000 per square foot of grow space, nearly $5,000/sq ft if I recall correctly.

    Today, at $1.31 billion market cap and 438,000 sq ft of grow space, SNDL is valued at $2,990 per square foot of grow lab space.

    I think I could set up some pretty awesome grow labs for a tiny fraction of that.

  16. Browneyemafia23

    Oh boy here we go with the SNDL fanboys….

  17. Immediately read sndl as Saturday night live. Though now that I look at it, it is more like sandle

  18. LegalAdvantage2

    This company will never be a leader

  19. Now where have I seen this before 🤔

  20. SNDL at this price vs what they have been doing=BUY

  21. Don’t let the shills scare you, there is more volume going through the dark pools because of SNDL than for AMC, SNDL will flight high, patience!

  22. Aren’t penny stocks banned on wsb?

  23. with 3 billion shares. .good luck

  24. Odd_Perception_283

    What does pure-play mean?

  25. PeakOfTheMountain

    Them bags must be heavy as shit dude. That’s a lot of fucking pennies

    Also: position or ban. Why do we not follow that anymore. I want to see this dudes shitty position

  26. So_Long_DentalPlan

    Oh, it’s time to go for that ride again, weeeeee!


  28. Stonr-JamesStonr

    Why has nobody banned this dude already? Look at his post history and this kid just spams one or two tickers in comments. Like, I also own some SNDL shares but so far I’ve just sold them as tax coupons.

  29. Forget about the actual finances behind sndl… its gonna get pumped. You’re either wise enough to hop on board or end up crying later

  30. Lets be honest. The only reason why this stock is so popular is because it cost less than 1 dollar.

  31. Yes and BB will hit $200 next week.

  32. A weed stock is now turning to alcohol, which means that during a pandemic and in a country where people can buy weed legally, this company hasn’t made any money off of pot. They’ve made all those money off idiots like us buying shit stock.

  33. SNDL is not even remotely close to being a leader, or even a middler, for cannibis. Realize your loss and invest in a company that doesn’t suck

  34. Lolololol you bought a year too late dog

  35. SpliffMaster489

    This thing pump and dumps cyclically now smh

  36. BoredBillionaire

    what are you smoking dude?

  37. Thin_Influence5878

    Stoners know that SNDL is trash

  38. RocknTheSuburbs

    Say it with me boys, “pump and dump”

  39. Long_TSLA_Calls

    Pro tip to anyone new – this is ass. Don’t buy. You’re welcome.

  40. All I heard is “SNDL, I am tired of holding 4$ bags” 🤡

  41. Tagged technical analysis with no actual technical analysis. Back to .50


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