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  1. True but they’ll have to raise capital many times for manufacturing. So you could also wait until the 1st dillution too

  2. Got some at the same price as well 🤗💯

  3. Lucid is a long hold situation. I’m holding 1500 at 20 per so I’m riding this bitch like Seattle slew all the way to 6 figure profits.

  4. We long on lucid – thrown every last dolla at it…. 💰💰

  5. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4886)Fuck this guy and buy lucid. I mean the shares. Car most of us here can’t afford.

  6. I bought a few shares just over $20 over the summer. And yep, I tripled the amount of shares I own when it was $17 on the expiration day. I saw that price as a great bargain even though I see Lucid as a riskier stock and at that time didn’t produce a single vehicle. I have a small stake in LCID but so far like all the reviews of their vehicles. If the first year goes well with Lucid I will double the shares I own of them again.

  7. If I ever see the price of LCID go under $20, I’ll buy more now that the reviews of their vehicles look solid and they are starting delivery soon. This is one of my riskier stocks that I am holding but so far have no regrets.

  8. I went all in on lucid… same dip as you, when it was 23.10 cents

    With the big event next week, and a new flag bearer for electric sedans, this could shape up to be really exciting

  9. Beginning-Ant-1361

    Probably heading back to 18 or 19 in the near term.

  10. was that the last warrant expiration? would love to get some more.

  11. Lucid is a long hold , Jim cramers punk ass told a caller on the lighting round to sell lucid and buy boring Ford 😒

  12. This stock is a surprise box with high premiums. No one know in which direction it will go. If you think Macro environment, tech stock will likely go down by the end of the year. LCID is at risk.


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