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  1. Enjoying this recent CRSR sentiment 😊

  2. Something something trees with eagles.

  3. BreakfastOnTheRiver

    My wife’s boyfriend gets the double bottom experience every Saturday

  4. >More bandwidth allows for more efficient use of the memory bus in systems with high core count CPUs, while the denser capacities will allow your system to tackle even more at once, which is great for streaming and content creation (just to name a few applications).

    Yeah, and total bandwidth is determined by a combination of the write/read speed and how fast it adresses the next command to get the absolute latency. If the leaks for DDR5 are accurate first gen will be slower then current DDR4

    3000MHz CL 16=10.7

    5600MHz CL 46=16.4

    Lower is better

  5. Something something I’m not telling you to dump your life savings into this company, but here’s some “DD” saying you should and if you do, it’ll help my position and I’ll make 800 big cahoonies and can buy myself a fancy tv “for free” that I can watch my stonks hit the moon on. /s

  6. unhitchedordadtrying

    I held to my promise on the other post and threw in 500 in options. That’s all I can do on this though.

    Love that 10/15 IV not too crazy yet. 😜 we’ll see where this goes

    OP do you post on anything else? Or just CRSR.

  7. Out of all the stocks that get posted to wsb I honestly believe Corsair is one of the good ones. It has pretty good brand recognition. I see a lot of stores selling their products Bestbuy, Walmart, Costco. And they have pretty decent financials as well. So…. I’m IN!

  8. unhitchedordadtrying

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but positions please?

  9. FaithlessnessEvery98

    man idk even how to post on here anymore bots ruined it for evreyone

  10. Takes a simple google trend search to see that earnings for this quarter will be horrible. While I do agree crsr is priced way low compared to its competitors, the sentiment on this industry is currently bearish and wall street has been shitting on logi for months. Not a good buy and this short term wsb mini pump wont last.

  11. I already got the gains I feel like hype is over

  12. That 29%(~?) Shorted float though

  13. I’ve been holding since maybe April. This isn’t going to move for a while but when it does move and the short term problems disperse it’s going to go ape🦍. I’m in for the long haul but I don’t see why no one else is getting in now or considering buying after ER.

  14. This stock has some serious resistance by a big institutional holder every time it gets hyped. Not getting burned again

  15. I love how before I really checked out WSB, there were many crossover stocks between what I look at and what ya’ll do.

  16. Legit question.

    If all this is true why does it just keep falling? Shouldn’t at least be a little flat at $25?

  17. Miserable-Cucumber70

    Another red day, another hype thread

  18. Dead stock, will go back to $17 while retail cannibalizes each other on the way down. Those pumps that you used to see was big money exiting their positions. GL

    Edit: I held 300 shares but cut them recently because just not worth the risk with rate hikes coming, I moved that money to dividend stocks.

  19. 700 shares in.. plan on increasing it up to 1000 in the next 4-5 months. Long term hold.

  20. myredditaccounty

    CRSR pleas fly again. Should’ve escaped bag holding at June WSB pump at $40/share.

  21. Bagholding at 40 so I sure hope so

  22. One of these days CRSR go uppies!

  23. My 1 45c expiring in Dec that I bought in Feb is squealing in excitement. My previous 45c’s that expired worthless the last few months dont though.

  24. Hallucination_FIFA

    Logitech has better products and look at that chart. These look like good money losers.

  25. LOL 1 investor owns almost twice the float? holy shit no wonder no one wants to touch this you’ll just be funding their cocaine yacht parties

  26. “Bags are not as heavy as you might think”… so far, but don’t worry. CRSR is an ER miss to be a sub 20 stock.

  27. Holding expensive $30 calls for NOV I had no business buying. If y’all want to come grab my bags CRSR will be my new favorite stock.

  28. Zealousideal_Diet_53

    I doubled my money in CRSR start of the year before the collapse.

    Its a good brand and I like their stuff, but I also see a major market GUH coming. So a better dip is on the way imo.

  29. I love crsr, but they one bad ER away from being completely rekt.

  30. $CRSR is undervalued in my opinion

  31. It seems fundamentally undervalued for sure.

  32. Huh it must be Corsair time off The month again. Looking forward to all the new posts telling me about this great investment opportunity

  33. DD and fundamentals are to solid. Makes too much sense that it would moon so probably won’t.

  34. Shaqslittlefinger

    All I’m saying is that my PC consists of Corsair RAM, PSU and keyboard. If you chose anything else than a gold+ certified PSU from CRSR you are legit insane and want your shit to fry. At the end of the day the PE is not terrible but I’m not joining a sinking ship, I’m waiting on the sidelines for now. Brand is cash though so should turn around when the market get slaughtered and then I will sink my dollars in my list of big dick brand companies


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