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  1. You can put your money in doggycoin and make better returns than rocket.

  2. Very_clever_usernam3

    I don’t know shit about em, but $0.01 of the 52 week loan ain’t a bad entry point. Does look flat as heck on the 12 month chart barring the squeeze though, certainly worth looking into though.

  3. Iv had my eye on it lately, it’s starting to get too cheap not to just grab alittle and test the waters lol

  4. ALLinTilImBallin

    That billions of cash on their balance sheet won’t be there after they settle all of these securities fraud lawsuits in court. This RKT is a dud. If you think they are worth more than they are currently trading at I’ll sell you my 2500 shares for $20 each 🤷🏼‍♂️

  5. Great price to buy in. It might bet greater still in the near future. Time will tell but I’m holding and not worried about my average.

  6. lol I hope you realize that a big part of the rkt squeeze was because of the one time dividend.

    Instant gold award which means this is the monthly rkt pump and dump attempt. This stock crabwalked ever since ipo, good luck trying to get wsb to buy this shit stock.

    every time it’s been posted here absolutely nothing happens (with the exception of the dividend payout)

  7. Nervous_Cannibal

    Imagine walking over a coiled dildo. That’s Rocket.

  8. Revolutionary-Tie911

    All these RKT/UWMC/Zillow/Redfin/COMP plays are in the same boat, great balance sheets with dropping stock prices. At some point it should turn around just a matter of when that is

  9. Every month it makes a new all time low 🙄

    – long term RKT bagholder here

  10. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4259)

  11. nah. sell those bags. we don’t want em

  12. pointme2_profits

    Been watching it slowly bleed to nothing along with UWMC. 10$ here we cone.

  13. I don’t know much but rkt is far from a coiled spring. Best case this trades sideways forever.

  14. Just buy UWMC and get a 6% dividend while you wait.

  15. Opposite_Dimension_9

    Also they have rocket law now as well

  16. PeepeepoopooboyXxX

    I’ll buy in once the housing bubble pops

  17. When RKT gives you bags, why not buy more?😆

  18. CratesOfSocks85

    The housing market is so absoloutly positively fucked that nobody can even get a mortgage, i would NOT be buying RKT

  19. sutsniagatebtnod

    Unfortunately no because short interest is very low at Rocket

  20. gingerbakerisgod

    They’re also coming out with RKT condoms for those of us who got Ass raped raw last time

  21. How long till the top of the next rate cycle? That’s when big money will start buying. Could be waiting years

  22. Home buying and selling is down in the winter.

  23. Do you mean you’re going for December dated expiries, or you’re waiting til December to buy options?


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