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  1. The apes will dry hump it over 100… was already above 74.

  2. aretardeddungbeetle

    GENI one of the best ways to play the space as they own the data and win no matter which sports book does best

  3. RadioactiveVegas

    Fuck DKNG. CZR is going to dominate sports betting, they just acquired William Hill. The upside for CZR is much better than DKNG imo… thank me later

  4. Making plays based of anything that happens in CT is balsy. I live here and most of the population is too busy burning my time playing CT lotto when Im just trying to get a redbull. God speed.

  5. I thought it would go higher than that …

  6. Everytime I try to tell these retards ab rsi they think I’m telling them to buy calls on the relative strength indicator

  7. Balls deep in DKNG. πŸ™


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