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  1. My nuts stink I’ve been sitting at a desk all day

  2. Butt-Pirate-Yarrr

    Ah yes, the ol’ crayon doodles are always correct! Theta gang here trying to shill shitty option plays like always?

  3. Chimmychangaboi

    So that one year rising wedge is nothing compared to 1 month falling wedge right

  4. Spiritual_Extreme_81

    JPM has sold 45,000 calls at Spx 4500 I believe to pay for their Put spreads at 3700/3500

    Youre a dummy.

    Spy is not hitting ATH again this year JPM guarantees it

  5. InterGalacticShrimp

    Time to squid game the shit out this, just lick those crayons till the coockie crumbles

  6. The principle maker or breaker of $SPY is the content package it carries. All these $SPY graphs are nothing. You would have to evaluate each and every ticker of the $SPY package to be somewhat in the ball park of predicting the future of $SPY.

    Just my opinion and is worth less than a penny.

  7. SPY bout to dive right in my ass

  8. 460 max before end of year, another peak in february

    anyone else giving an opinion is obviously a scorpio

  9. It’s just art.. but I agree with you… A test of the 200 dma is still likely…

  10. Absolutely ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4735)

  11. Happylittle_tree

    Don’t believe in crayons, but I’ll take anything that supports my permabull bias

  12. InterestingThought33

    Didn’t read a word of it except ‘Bear R Fuk’ and for that reason, I’m in.

  13. Dude…I got to take a shit

  14. What do y’all think about spy 500c 2024?

  15. Your crayons are such cool colors

  16. >could take months

    Great, I bought a bunch of 445C for Wednesday, let’s do it. Fuk bears

  17. I have no idea what any of that means but my bro brought me some nugs from McNasty’s and now I’m ready for a nap.

  18. Ok now sprinkle a bit of real world micro and macroeconomics on your crayon lines please

  19. Call options about to get fuck

  20. thehouseofcrazies

    I have no idea what the fuk you are talking about but you sound smart

  21. This post made me dump my calls for puts

  22. bagholdingspooks

    in your first drawing it starts the low before ath, in the second triangle it starts from ath into lower

  23. This comment suction is a shit show and I’m so fucking hard right now

  24. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)

  25. Straddles man. They are safe.

  26. Hopefully this is a joke but have you actually convinced yourself short-term technical analysis is real? You’re not allowed to make fun of astrology girls anymore!

  27. Agreed 100%. Even if your a doubter because you think $SPY is over priced (it is). The FED and people in the government know this and are working on the next trillion dollar spending plan as we speak to pump it up. They know that these trillion dollar bills are directly correlated to making the stock market go higher. And, they love it so much because they put millions of dollars in the stock market and make it go up. This way, they dont have to depend on their shitty 150k salaries. Instead they double their net wealth by investing in the stocks that they can inflate up with 0% interest rates and stimulus bills.


    They even have blackrock buying ETFs to guarantee it goes up in their favor. And the FED is still buying MBS to make sure real estate goes higher as well. Its well orchestrated fellas.

  28. Oh boy, i sure love astrology

  29. While this looks good, the future of the market hinge on earnings and with tax increase and NEW global agreement for corporate tax of 15%, those earnings might not be all that good. Inflation probably will help but the bottom line is going to hurt.

    I see the market has a date with the 200d and a death cross coming.

  30. I wish you are right ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4640)

  31. I’m so incredibly bearish on SPY that I’m bullish.


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