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  1. Blahblah_Yadayada

    Plus they have taco Thursday!

  2. Nervous_Cannibal

    Why wait for Thursday. $TacoTuesday

  3. Del taco is terrible. Don’t even have good breakfast burritos

  4. Del taco has caused a lot of concerning movements.

    They used to have The Man Meal back in the late 90s, it was like 5lbs of shit on a plate and of course if you were high as fuck in the middle of the night it sounded like an awesome idea.

    It was not an awesome idea.

  5. El Lollo Loco (LOCO) is the better buy

  6. Exotic_Volume696

    Del Taco has more drive thru traffic and smaller dining rooms than a lot of other chains so they are covid proog

  7. As someone who loved their menu and that they were open 24 hours when I lived in California, I will give them a look and see if I want to invest in them. Had no idea they were a stock.

  8. BreakfastOnTheRiver

    I can have $TACO in my portfolio? It’s usually just been in my wife’s boyfriend’s face

  9. Upvote cause its an ER play DD and we need more of those around here like oldschool WSB was

  10. Fantastic_Door_4300

    Have eaten there. Their breakfast is busy

  11. Bitter-Heat-8767

    Chili cheese fries mmmmm

  12. They have a one of the largest earning potentials for next week, but not a very good long term stock IMO. I put an order in for 125 stocks, will see how it goes.

  13. Butterscotch-Apart

    I’ve noticed the one near my house (metro Detroit) has been closing at 8pm (which is usually when it’s drive-thru is packed) due to staffing problems. Very anecdotal but I’m sure it’s happening in other locals. I wouldn’t bet on a good quarter from TACO.

  14. This isn’t sarcasm… But I truly didn’t know Del Taco was around anymore. All the ones in my area disappeared two decades ago.

  15. My fatass eats here like 2-3 times a week. Bullish.

  16. SievinTheHaters

    72% institutional ownership is a red fucking flag


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