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  1. jorgennewtonwong

    One of those stocks where you lose your fidelity account and check it a decade later and go uh huh

  2. The insider selling it too much …. Looks like they have unlimited shares and they keep dumping … makes investors lose faith in the company … how can a ceo be so much positive and bullish about a stock and still be dumping every month ? I mean , why can’t he just halt the dumping and reschedule future dumping in about 5-10 years ? Taxes will still be the same

  3. This was a direct listing, the insider selling is akin to the Wall Street bank selling their allocation. Instead of a huge dump upon listing, shares have been systematically sold month over month.

  4. They can become a juggernaut.. sure. But they keep diluting the fuck out of the company so the share price is stagnant.

  5. People can pump palantir all day long but still can’t explain the simple question, what do they actually do? Except saying “data analytics”.

  6. LifeIsConfusing24

    I’ve been saying PLTR to the fukin moon for months but it just won’t go to the fukin moon.

  7. Are we in the Information Age ✅

    Is information growth exponential ✅

    Is information overload adversely effecting decision making and performance ✅

    Will PLTR provide information advantage in every sector ✅

    Congratulations, you’re going to the moon.

  8. SnooRevelations3802

    Thanks for the hopium

    I am holding bags at 28

  9. Old-Lavishness-9546

    Everyone should own at least one stock that does who knows what!

  10. Basic-Honeydew5510

    Hello fellow 2nd day dpo buyer haha. Been adding pltr too.

  11. Options-n-Hookers

    I’m going to throw more money into PLTR, next week I’ll buy some of the SPAC that PLTR invested in, would be interesting to see how they turn out, lol

  12. alwaysready1990

    Thanks for your DD !!! 🧐

  13. Oh nice more articles pumping pltr

  14. Sorry but this is a stock of a company that makes no money and nobody can really tell you what exactly they are doing (, in detail). It’s already valued very high. Considering high inflation and tampering & raising interests companies like that will suffer on the stock market!


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