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  1. Yeahhhhhhhh…..

    If their ceo is selling then hmmmmm?

    *Press X to be concerned*

  2. CEO is a billionaire on paper for the first time in his life and y’all are agonizing over him selling a mill. Gtfo

  3. This does bring up concerns. Why would they sell? They obviously see that retail believes in the company.

    Do they want the price to stay low so retail continues to buy in before they repurchase shares themselves?

    It sounds stupid. But in just trying to keep my bullish perspective. Lol

  4. Regarding RAVEn, you should know that recently Palantir trademarked the name RAVEN and Valhalla.

    So while nothing is currently certain, I hope that means that they have a surprise.

  5. They aren’t selling because they don’t believe in the stock… they’re getting paid and paying taxes. It’s well documented that there were/are expiring contracts involved.

    It may be pinning the stock a bit for sure but think of the absolute blowback of negativity that would come their way if insider selling took place higher than this $22-25 range?

  6. This stonk was the beez kneez when it went from 9 to 30 in like two weeks but now it’s just a boring channel bound bitch people keep hyping up cause they have some kinda level 99 Gandolf druid wizard orc data shit that’s supposedly like Sauron and gods cock combined into one platform. NOBODY knows wtf they do but you should just buy options and it “should be a trillion dollar company” according to WSB. In all honesty this is a great post and I do appreciate it. Good stuff and we need more of it but this stonk is played out and if someone wants in just wait till it bangs bottom of RSI and get in. GL and as always, I hope you make enough money to dive into a pool full of coke with the gang of strippers you hired to party with.

  7. Only one reason to why they buy. You can guess why they sell.

  8. Im only annoyed at the gold acquisition. Why not start some kind of share buyback to offset the insider selling? If they really are expecting 30%+ annual growth surely share buyback would be a better return for investors than gold?

  9. VA spending 22.5M/year to gain insights into the quality of care that veterans are receiving. LOL let me save you the time and money with the power of two human eyes ladies and gentlemen.

  10. ImFedUpWithItAll

    1.9 BILLION shares outstanding
    1.6 BILLION shares float.



    Read this until it sticks.

    With that kind of float the price will stay forever moribund. There is always one too many willing to sell as soon as it punches up. It’ll take years of increasing revenue and consolidation in institutional investors for this things to stop see sawing.

    The smart play is to sell cc anytime it hits $27+ and csp when it hits $21-$23. That’s all. If your shares get called just wait a month for it to retract and buy back in, wash and repeat.

  11. Great insight, thanks man 🙂

  12. ITT: Bagholders, bagholders everywhere


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