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  1. Ok-Decision3236

    Definitely not the place I thought Iโ€™d see this type of breakdown but Iโ€™m into it.

  2. It’s thoughtful, I don’t know what you’re telling me to buy, but I like it.

  3. Nice story. I really thought 3D printing was going to take off and lost money on SSYS a few years ago.

    The problem is that 3D printing for the masses required a smarter user. This is not VCR-level of complexity. That was not gonna happen. On the other hand, if only a company could revolutionize the way to interact with the model and the machine, to dumb it down, this could’ve been another story. Autodesk and other CAD companies have been spending millions and decades trying to solve this problem for their own markets without major success. Their users still have to be engineers or highly skilled technicians and designers.

    Open source is not the solution here. It requires the ruthlessness and vision of a Steve Jobs to make 3D printers ubiquitous. Otherwise, they should be relegated to commercial and industrial applications.

    I still think 3D printing should take off, but I’m not following the stocks any more.

  4. Warhammer players love em, i could buy a model or print an army

  5. Let me know when I can print out Wendyโ€™s Chicken Tendies. Please.

  6. Prusa isn’t publicly traded, makerbot sucks balls but schools love overpaying for their shit hardware so probably bullish?


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