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  1. WildWestCollectibles

    I welcome all the huge dips to keep stacking shares

  2. Warren_Guh_Buffet

    I would love PLTR at $17 again or even better $10 again. I would literally pawn my wife to go all in on PLTR at $10 again.

  3. I would love PLTR below 20.

  4. Crayons confirm my bias. ✔️

  5. I would love for PLTR to just go up for once

  6. I’m sitting on 900 shares at a little above 24 p/s. I was incredibly hopeful after the army contract AH rally, but now extremely concerned about the stock. If an almost billion dollar contract fails to boost the price (its given back the announcement gain), then I am unsure what sort of catalyst is needed to see some significant sustained price increase. Additionally I fear the slightest bad news will probably light the stock price on fire.

  7. you retards have about a month (whenever the next earnings is) to jump in. I promise you pltr will reach $28-$30 after the next earnings call in November…

  8. electric_saguaro

    Someone please poke PLTR with a stick and make it do something. I already know my $25 calls are gonna expire worthless but come on

  9. This stock is expensive and the price will come down 👎 they are just hot air at this point.

  10. It’s been coiling way too long.

  11. Below $18 I am buying back in, market cap is abit mental even at that price point but will be a long term hold so meh got cash waiting.

  12. Happy for it to crash. I love dip. Fully committed to the ride. This and BABA are going to help me retire early.

  13. PLTR is a total steal at this price, just imagine how much it will grow! Time to buy LEAPS

  14. Melodic_Ad_8747

    What is this, astrology?

  15. ugh the float on this stock is so enormous we can’t even imagine hitting sky high figures until big funds start pumping billions of dollars into it

  16. I got out of PLTR at breakeven to go long into SOFI, which has also been performing terribly ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)


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