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  1. you’ve convinced me to avoid playing netflix earnings. thank you.

  2. Sounds complicated and I need to stay away from it lol

  3. Netflix is collaborating with retarded Youtubers to get views & hits on youtube in my country & that’s cringe

  4. My issue is that this all hinges on an imaginary value attributed to the show by NFLX. They look at how many people watch it and must estimate the probability of maintained or new subscriptions per hour watched (or something). There’s no way they can tightly estimate this.

  5. Literally nothing matters but their subscriber numbers.

  6. The first leg up was from the Seinfield announcement. The second leg was from Squid Game. Earnings call is the time for them to sell their vision on gaming. I thinking doing a bull call spread given option premium are not as elevated.

  7. What about new acquisition costs for video game companies? You really think this is efficiently priced that there would be a 0-1% given the massive rise we’ve seen thanks to 🐙 etc where past earnings have resulted in an average ~5% swing?

  8. I went even insane and sold 620/630/640/650 Iron condor at close.

    Lol max. gain 850$, max. loss 135$

    Expected a heavy IV crush but this is just bonkers.

  9. Didn’t move too far, so props. How’s your play looking?


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