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  1. This was a spac pump and dump

  2. Iron, salt, and water? What kind of salt we talking about?

  3. New? Check Jenabatteries. Same thing. The electrolyte of BASF is ,the magic’.

    This is the future. But at those levels it is hyped.

  4. Interesting company but this is not very good analysis. i am watching it.

  5. Butterfliesinmybrain

    as someone who works in energy with batteries all the time: you’re a fucking idiot

  6. dude this is a pump and dumb, the saltwater battery is old tech like centuries old. Some professor reinvented it in 2008 and scammed investors saying it was brake through tech and he made millions and the company went bankrupt. seeking alpha already did the math on how these operate. Creating enough storage for a 2-gigawatt solar facility would require 17,000 batteries. Or 90 acres of land if stacked 2 high. the U.S consumes about 1000 gigawatts a day. the tech isn’t feasible at all. ESS tech is claiming their batteries operate between -10 degrees and 50 degrees Celsius (-14 to 122 F). which sounds good but what their not saying is the closer the temperature is to the higher and lower limits the less optimal the battery works. so its useless in hot summer and cold winters when energy demand is at its highest.

  7. chewbaccamonkeyrobot

    Already mooned the other day

  8. Lol great another SPAC pump and dump. This will end up just like IRNT, OPAD, TMC and the likes of them

  9. ⚠️🚨⚠️PUMP AND DUMP ALERT⚠️🚨⚠️

  10. You should of just said ‘mircofloat with an abundance of short interest inching up on bears day by day’. They would of understood that.

  11. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4267)

  12. Lot of shit talking here for stock where warrants ran up 40% today (cha ching! for this guy) and is in the middle a multi-day day reversal. Tons of short interest (you just have to see the attitude of many SPAC haters here to understand why) and a microfloat where the sentiment is positive overall makes for an explosive situation. The chart and the L2 data even after hours is a pretty easy read regard the direction of this stock. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|money_face)

  13. Astronomer_Soft

    Flow batteries are nothing new. A Japanese company, NGK, has been making them for decades, using a sodium-sulfur technology.

    They probably have a bigger installed base than anyone else for utility scale flow batteries.

    ESS is still proving out their technology and don’t appear to have utility scale installations yet.

    There are other flow battery companies ([VRB Energy)](, so you’d have to convince yourself that this new entrant has some advantage over its more established flow battery competition.

  14. Alive_Shake_8217

    Well looks like its gearing up for a second run. I’ll Yolo into some options tomorrow. Thanks Op.

  15. Backed by Bill Gates say no more I’m in.

  16. xxChristianBale

    I think you simplified the mechanics of the pipe a bit too much. I dont recall seeing anywhere in the proxy stating 11/10 (definitely point out where you find it if I’m incorrect) is when the pipe is registered. It’s just the standard wording that they have to make a meaningful attempt at registering the pipe within 30 days and they have extra time based on SEC review. So it could take 30 days, but it could take longer as well. I think average time after the initial s-1 is filed to the form effect being filed is prob around 10-15 days.

    Was IRNT sentiment bad around here? Similar play. Low float, options. Bit pumpy. I would note that there might be a technical aspect to this play as well though. There’s over 20k calls in open interest for the Nov expiry. Mostly atm and the 2 nearest strikes otm. That’s a gamma ramp covering half the float. Plus you have a few k in put open interest for the stikes right around the current price. If the price pulls away, I would think those puts would be dehedged causing even more buying pressure.

  17. Pump and dump. Yes this company has potential but so did EOSE.

    Alternative battery chemistry with a big glaring issue of round trip efficiency. There will be a future for it when renewables get cheaper enough to off set the loss due to round trip efficiency.

    Is it a company worth looking into? Sure. But buying right after merger hype? Nah

  18. I got a message for all the users that’d shorted this stock. Your going to get fucked on the short side so quit being a gay bear.

  19. I sure hope you are right cos I’m one of the retards who bought at $25

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