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  1. What’s difference between ally bank and Sofi?

  2. SoFi has been ripping all month. My shares are doing great but I’ll wait for a pullback before getting any options.

  3. I also have weekly options for next year and they’re doing amazing. Good luck, friend.

  4. Love you sofi 🤑🚀🤑🚀

  5. Good thing I sold covered calls on 400 shares at $18 strike expiring the 10/22🤡

  6. ticklemypicklesir

    This run up is happening without the 3 big catalyst.

    We still have:

    – Bank charter approval
    – student loans resuming
    – Super Bowl at Sofi stadium

    This stock is a monster in the making! Long 2,500 shares at 15.30💰

  7. CipherScarlatti

    Wouldn’t it be easier to start an account and just ask Chamath for money to put into the account via Twitter so you could test out it’s capabilities?

  8. Loved the stock movement. Cashed out of most of my holdings today at $20+ but left some options on the table in case it takes off. I expect a dip back to $16 before earnings and if so will reload.

  9. SOFI builds big stadiums such as the one where the LA rams play.

  10. 6000 shares been accumulating on dips, avg is $20. Made $50k on calls with this last run up. I expect more running and have added more 11/12 calls and holding my leaps up 100%. SoFi will be king

  11. Will my Jan $50 Jan 2023 leaps pay off?

  12. Have 10 01/21/22 $15C. Up 20% right now and wondering if I should close out or just purchase the shares… meanwhile my PLTR 01/21/22 $27C…

  13. inversetheinverse

    SOFI financially serviced me!

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