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  1. FinancialRub6814

    Does anyone else turn up Jim Cramer after their girl gets home and starts talking about work?

  2. United_Insurance4376

    Wait so the headlines are going with a flashy UI made retards Yolo into a shitty investment? Sounds like violent video games all over again

  3. greyenlightenment

    just buy all dips

  4. Goodnight, you pathetic loser.

    Fuck you.

    I love you, you absolute king.

  5. the_GuelahPapyrus

    How can the price of GME go down?


    If it is truly just demand and bids and asks, can’t other stocks pump infidelity?

  6. 60s, call your broker for trades, 2000s, make trades on your desktop, 2020, make trades on your phone, 2040?

  7. The clothing model on GameStop’s online store is a total smoke show. Is that bullish?

  8. u/cashflow_ good night sweetie 😘

  9. Primary-Amount5687

    How does WISH have some many bag holders? Does anyone even use their website regularly

  10. Pelosi, 81, $114 million. Still needs to rip off poors with insider trading to feel real good.

  11. Ok-Reporter-4600

    That ape statue is fucking brilliant. I’ve felt ever drive the large hadron collider bounced us into the berenstain universe and harambe died that was have to honor him to get things right again. Good move whoever did that. You may have saved the universe.

  12. atmarkADAMnichols

    Going to watch my large AMC holding go up more

  13. the_GuelahPapyrus

    I want to win over grimes and become the shitty step dad who stands in the doorway when Elon comes to pick up æ-x-ish

  14. Fit-Mycologist-6951

    $OPEN shares tomorrow

  15. margin_call_rep

    Who’s buying NFLX calls for tomorrow?

  16. I do respect the tenacity of individual ticker subreddits

    “We’re down 15% today here’s why that’s bullish-“

  17. holy shit I am amazed how flat everything is. we see more action the night before fomc minutes

  18. Above_Everything

    Blood flat really rustles my Jimmies

  19. Dave Chappelle has been doing the same style of comedy for 33 years. how is it just now that people are offended by his material lol. He’s still hilarious to me

  20. >European Opening Calls:
    #FTSE 7206 +0.03%
    #DAX 15492 +0.11%
    #CAC 6681 +0.12%
    #AEX 798 +0.12%
    #MIB 26260 -0.03%
    #IBEX 8938 +0.02%
    #OMX 2314 +0.12%
    #STOXX 4156 +0.10%

    ^IGSquawk ^[@IGSquawk]( ^at ^2021-10-19 ^01:08:08 ^EDT-0400



  22. Have to tell my boss im leaving for less money. Think he is going to be happy he is getting rid of this retard.

  23. we are literally all billionaires just from doing what jim Cramer says to do every day

  24. Evergrande defaulting on Oct. 23rd … fuk do I buy some $YANG calls?

  25. Ok_Advertising_1026

    Gambling. This is gambling.

  26. When is the corn ETF going live Tuesday

  27. Anybody know how to give yourself an award on here?

  28. The media is trying to figure out why all us po’ folk is gettin into stock tradin’

  29. Going to sell some of the commodities Ive been hiding in for the last 6 months and go back to GME. That SEC report today was juicy.

  30. Thick-Acanthaceae-59

    Futes green= bears delight, futes red = bulls fukd, futes flat = my nut sack

  31. Bruh, futures are flatter than a pancake…

  32. So do you just duct tape a Fleshlight to the Tesla bot or they just going to cut out the middleman and make a self cleaning port?

  33. >The spread difference in October contracts in DINRI is at a premium of 2 ticks than DINR approximately

    ^First ^Squawk ^[@FirstSquawk]( ^at ^2021-10-19 ^01:14:47 ^EDT-0400

  34. Does anyone here actually know what a cup & handle looks like

  35. Still not recovered from my Sept losses. I r fuk

  36. >What’s an ass pussy? Is asspussy better or worse when wet is it intended to be in drier climates does it mold
    >Or blossom when wet what does it produce can anyone fill me i? Can you invest in it? Ticker?

    # Lick my asspussy

  37. I stopped watching futures and I watch something way more boring…commodity prices 😞

  38. whatshisuserface

    your irritability is irritating

  39. Investinwaffl3s

    Gonna buy into NET and SOFI tomorrow and go ahead and mark the top 👍

  40. Hope we open flat or red so I can pick up some cheap 0DTE calls.

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