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  1. Warren_MuffClit

    Intel is a better buy. In fact intel is one of the most undervalued tech plays out there.

  2. Commercial_Run99

    Don’t have the balls to sell anything short.

  3. Just buy Xilinx if you betting on acquisition to go through

  4. I don’t like shorting but I agree – the second a merger or no merger is announced traders could jump ship – buy the rumor sell the news style

  5. Sounds like something a 🌈🐻 would say 🤔

  6. Tell everyone to sell short while holding dtm calls clearly doesn’t believe what he’s saying

  7. >So why should you sell AMD short? I’ll tell you why

    >Positions: 3 11/19 100C, 2 6/17/22 90C


    You mean -3 and -2, right?

  8. Leap calls, no brainer

  9. Good try, but I’m not going to sell AMD through 2023

  10. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4968)

  11. pepesilviafromphilly

    i am waiting for high 90s after earnings…if it happens, i will enter amd. if it doesn’t, plenty of other stocks out there.

  12. CratesOfSocks85

    Anyone else plough into SNAP AH? It felt instinctual, like i wasnt given any free will……..


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