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  1. Got to do the mutha fuckn Dd

  2. yolandis_cervix

    filed under the NO FUCKING SHIT RULE

  3. #who burnt you, OP? Zack Morris?

  4. It’s not complicated. They are pump and dumpers usually.
    You can still make money off of them in small percentages

  5. Who the hell would go to tik tok looking for financial advice?

    I’m an idiot but not like that.

  6. So the Furus on Twitter are safe then?

  7. AutisticGayBear69

    And the advice given on this sub is that much better…?

  8. But what about all those lambos they show and hot babes with big boobs telling me that I can have the same!

  9. I only take financial advice from your mom during our pillow talk

  10. Fundamentals-802

    How dare you expose my evil scheme! 😝

  11. who here needs to hear this?

  12. I don’t listen to gurus that don’t like tic tacs.

  13. My office is across from a high school. I have to remember that any post on here could be from someone I see getting dropped off by their mom.

  14. TRADING GURUS ARE ONE BIG SCAM…..they follow free flow info and claim to have called shit. F THE FURUS

  15. This is some god tier advice for how retarded some people are here

  16. thegoldenenigma

    ill never understand why anyone would follow these clowns i.e. @nourtrades who claims to have turned $20K into $2 million.

  17. laqualitafaschifo

    If you listen to gurus you should lose your money

  18. Thank god I get my trading advise from WSB, really dodged a bullet

  19. We should invite all these “guru’s” to WSB’s annual paper trading competition.

  20. Meetkevin literally turned into a clown after having a mental breakdown thinking he could run for governor failing so hard he lost his mind.

  21. V sane. Thx for sharing

  22. Many of them also get their information from this subreddit.

  23. Instead, you should listen to rando Redditards posting 🚀🚀🚀s on WSB.

  24. therealcadillacslim

    I swiped left on DWAC

  25. Zealousideal-Farm496

    Inthemoney is cool

  26. Own_Cartoonist266

    Warning – don’t buy a belt sander from harbor freight and sand off your thumbs this weekend

  27. rogue_nerd_lifestyle

    I want that Lambo money, I want it so bad it hurts.

  28. I only listen to everything anyone says on WSB

  29. aKnightWh0SaysNi

    Yes. That’s so much different from this sub……

    Nothing but balanced portrayal of gains and losses, good faith DD, and advice before it’s too late around here.

  30. They don’t know jack shit. Only mm change stock price

  31. ApprehensiveCake8927

    Fundamentals? What is that and do they come with every share you buy ?..😒

  32. Beware of the laser eye pfp people

  33. Best-Seaweed4173

    Yep I bought $MARK today because of these online guru and lost a lot of money. 100 percent My fault but yea

  34. Wallstreetdodge69

    There’s alot of good ones on YouTube tho i made quite some money from them

  35. Why would we go anywhere else when we can lose all our money following wsb on reddit?


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