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  1. justknoweverything

    Just remember Ford wouldn’t let Ken Miles win the Le Mans for the triple for “marketing”.

  2. **I failed to clearly deliver the message that EV + Merger and acquisition potential is my play. That way I double my bet on bullish scenarios.** To be a M&A target the company needs to show they can make quality cars in volume while their Market cap being small enough for the buying company to be able to easily acquire them. I should add Fisker isn’t a great take over target. They do the design and outsource the manufacturing. Any company taking over these EV manufacturers wants to do their own design and use their manufacturing capability. On purpose I didn’t focus on manufacturers who have not shown their cars in public because of Lord’s Town and their broken truck. If your car is not on the road, for all I know your car is a photoshopped empty promise rolling down the hill. Show me the car and the fact that you can get tires on asphalt.

  3. This is a stupid question but what is the X looking symbol below tesla

  4. Nio makes up more of my portfolio than I care to admit. I truly believe its going to do great.

  5. TheFinalCountDown09

    You know ELMS is a good looking potato

  6. MyFianceMadeMeJoin

    I’m in leaps on LEV. Feels like a company with real profit potential plus the ability to ride up on all kinds of EV news. Plus their connection to Amazon doesn’t hurt either.

  7. Can I have your old BMW, Porsche and Mercedes please

  8. I hear NKLA is doing some wild things in the EV space.

  9. Polestar is offering some cheap lease deals right now on the Polestar 2, which makes me think their business is a turd sandwich.

  10. Talk about pure ev plays, doesn’t mention LEV that actually has production.

  11. $Goev is the play. They expect first vehicle deliveries Q3/Q4 of next year

  12. What do y’all think of GOEV?

  13. So why can’t the legacy makers adapt?

  14. I would yolo on EV infrastructure instead ($evgo, $chpt)


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