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  1. It appears to be halted…..countdown to liftoff….10….9…..8….7….its tendie day!

  2. Up 25… open. Going above 100 today!

  3. I bought weeklies for this *last week*

    I’m not sure I’ll ever forget this one


  4. Absolutely gutted that I chickened out and didn’t buy into this at 45. Fuck.

  5. Emotional-Dust-1180

    Just got in for 500 shares at 80.5

  6. Got a quick +50% on calls.

  7. Got some of that sweet SAVA couple of weeks ago because of the discrepancy between analyst targets and price, and already had two heart attacks this week because of the stock exploding. Love it!

  8. Picked up 11/12 calls on rumors, beautiful

  9. It’s going to be hard to buy and sell if they keep halting it.

  10. I literally sold 3/4 of my shares the past two days. Fuck me!

  11. My Mother suffered terribly from Alzheimer’s for a decade. I invested in SAVA shares after researching pharmaceutical companies that could make a difference in terms of this awful disease. Hope the good news keeps on coming for those who suffer

  12. This would be like if you were accused of robbing 20 banks, then got exonerated for shoplifting in a case 10 years earlier, then claimed it proved your comprehensive innocence. The case against sava is broad and multi faceted. This slightly weakens one argument only. Opportunity to buy cheap 2024 puts. They’ll fail or get shut down just a question of when.


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