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  1. The two comparable trading periods I see for NVDA are February 2020 and Aug-Sept 2020, which you can see did not end well. By my calculations NVDA should be below 280 again by next Monday. Thank you for listening to my TED talk

  2. One day big money is gonna wake up and decide to dump Tesla, and it will be the greatest transfer of wealth from poor to rich in American history.

  3. People are so stupid man. Being like “money won’t solve your problems.” Bitch you don’t know

  4. pnutbutterbaconsammy

    People here thinking they are short squeezing NVDA

  5. TheDudeAbidesFarOut

    Oh boy….DKNG gonna drill like every other meme on this fucking table…

  6. Imagine believing the mid-day, low-vol drop over the positive, post-FOMC morning-buy sentiment.

  7. maliciousmonkee

    Sour hour today surely

  8. Anyone else playing MELI earnings this afternoon?

  9. Asia placing sell orders…….

  10. If spy hovers around 466 it better be to just rip to 470+ tomorrow

  11. SAVA is gonna just slowly fall rest of today?

  12. NNN is now officially the Nvdia Nut November

  13. Can’t believe I missed nvidia today I’m crying

  14. Can spy just push over 467 before close?

  15. Considering adding another 500 shares of NRDS, or should I wait?

  16. I really am not getting the atvi ticker.

  17. Roku,Zillow,crisp Cathy’s trash

  18. And my axe !


  19. bro I’m so happy I sold PTLR months ago. I missed out on like $17 of profit since then

  20. What’s the generally consensus on RKT earnings today/open tomorrow?

  21. This smells like SPY puts for tomorrow EOD. Could be a quick 3 bagger

  22. Once NRDS passes 32, it will go to 35 easily

  23. GME gains 22% in one week.


  24. dontbeadouchelord

    you going to let them cancel activation? fucking pussies!

  25. QS gonna go up Biggley in the next few month. Nancy bought some. Follow Nancy

  26. The most amazing thing about today is $LCID is still green. Will be $30 by next week

  27. Buy some HIMX, one of the most undervalued and shorted stock right now

  28. Unfamous_Trader

    I will never financially recover from the ass fucking I got from PENN and DKNG today

  29. CloudFlare might be 200 for close unbelievable

  30. I am so close to being done with Cathie. TSLA, NASDAQ, and S&P are at all time highs and she’s been slumping. She fell off

  31. Here’s the thing

    Any dip that happens now will be bought like crazy. I welcome any dip because I’m buying like a mofo.

    In the meantime


  32. Amd and nvda are mooning so hard im thinking of selling out my long term holdings… 40% in a month fuck

  33. sold NVDA way too early this morning, damnit. But profit is profit I guess..

  34. $1240 is showing to be a tough ceiling to break through.


    Maybe I should cosplay as a janitor for the big banks so I can get insider info for FDs.

  36. We have to be due for a RED day…this is getting silly now.

  37. VNUE you’ll thank me later

  38. I thought buying Tesla at $500 was expensive but shit just doesn’t stop going up

  39. NVDA 800% ROI into SPY 475C 11/10

    Today is going well w/ no addy

  40. LePootPootJames

    OCGN back to under 10 again. OCGN is like the PLTR of bio stocks. More volatile but you can always rely on it to trade in a range.


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