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  1. Stopped reading after the Sopranos reference. I’m in.

  2. The new cod looking like shit

  3. Tfear_Marathonus

    I agree with you, but its still in freefall for a bit

  4. Sufficient-Isopod-45

    The tism is strong with this one

  5. Technical_Idea_7914

    I hate to break it to you but Blizzard as a whole had 26 Monthly Active Users and thats calculated as people logging into two different games counting as 2. WoW has around 1 mill active players left.
    Also the main underlying issue with ATVI is that the Blizzard side cannot produce quality anymore which is more than just the scandals. People are fleeing their games.
    I would recommend everyone not to listen to this advice, since its cleary not well researched.

  6. my grandma plays candy crush — bullish

  7. One thing we know for sure, gamers don’t give a shit about sexual harassment. You ever been on a Xbox live party? They’ll ear fuck you for weeks

  8. 60-70b market cap is a reasonable estimate by Q2 2022

    in with u

  9. CivBEWasPrettyBad

    Lool, I bought ATVI puts for .4 and sold for $8. Then I turned it to ATVI calls for the daily turnaround. Still bearish on this though- a lot of dying games, wracked by HR issues, future hiring issues because of scandals. I’d think a little more dip left to go on this one.

  10. Lets hope so cause my december calls are down 90%

  11. AuditControl_Inbox

    Picked up some 70c leaps on this today.

  12. How does this post miss the fact that all their new releases are pushed back another year?

  13. Meh, as someone who played the shit out of cod 1-2, warcraft 1-3, wow, starcraft 1-2, diablo 2, hearthstone and hots, my opinion is blizzard is not the same as it used to be. Sure, they own some great titles, sure there is a chance they pull a great turnaround. But the past I dont know how many years, they just let the people down. Eventually people quit in disappointment. As you say, gamers dont care about scandals. But I do care if their titles spark joy or not. Im bearish on blizzard, the company and their stock as well

  14. * -15% in just a minute. (Seriusly WTF).
    * Sex Scandals (Gamers don’t give a *** about it but it affect game development).
    * Warzone suffers from a lack of content.
    * Warzone could be killed by the upcoming Battlefield.
    * Candycrush, please.
    * WoW lousing users slowly since 2010.
    * People don’t care about Overwatch and Diablo any more.

    No thanks but hopefully i am wrong. No body really knows.

  15. I’ve been eyeing this lately too. They always bounce back from a massive dip albeit it takes a few months or so.

    I’m thinking either 70/75cs for Summer or Holiday next year.

    There’s no way it doesn’t come back up to 80+ in 6 months or so.

  16. I thought the dip was more about delays then the scandal?

  17. Damn only 25 options? I Have 106 80C 1/22/21. Up 23%


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