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  1. Bought some yesterday, funded my account last night to buy again today, I’m hoping that the recent double bottom on the chart is true and the only way is up. It’s cheap enough right now, below fair price target with good future prospects to send the price up. If I was short, I close around now.

  2. Just legalise and tax it already. I don’t even partake but it’s just an ongoing dance as to when will they do it. We know it’ll happen.

  3. Insanely undervalued – just the slight hint of legalization (and it’s coming) will send this stock to triple digits

  4. So in 7 years the Global cannabis market will be worth less than 1/10th of Tesla.

  5. so youre saying i shouldnt have sold the 11.5cc’s expiring tomorrow?

  6. kateroxstarSmith

    $TLRY is amazing and I got the stonk but $ACB is most likely gonna be the leader but both of them will moon either way 🙂

  7. I took it in the ASS with tilray this year when I bought early this year

  8. MapleBeaverIgloo

    I like this stock! ?? I have a feeling germany and italy will legalize before the states do, which will be good either way since they have facilities in germany and portugal.

  9. please increase the supply asap….shits too expensive. Plus we get nationally legal maybe they will take it off the naughty list of shit on my pee tests for work. Or someone needs to invent an instant blood or breath test that measures current impairment.

  10. I live in Canada and I recently visited friends in MA where weed was legalized in 2017. Many municipalities still ban the sale.

    In Boston, they have like 2 recreational dispensaries for the entire city. We had to bike nearly a half hour from Cambridge, and there were several security guards for the sleepy store. You can’t buy with a credit card because the lending banks want nothing to do with it.

    In Canada by contrast, its much more like a small fancy liquor store. We have dispensaries every few blocks and zero security guards. You can go in and buy with your credit card.

    Companies like TLRY wont take off until there is sufficient distribution and its easy to buy. That wont come until its nationally legalized. Its going to be a long time.

  11. ShrimpBoatCaptain4

    TLRY is the fetch of my portfolio.

  12. abitnearthenutsack

    weed is fun
    I have SNDL

  13. Hadn’t seen how low it’s gone since I traded it in June. I’m back in!! Clearly oversold, close to being bottomed, will buy more if it dips with earnings (which I doubt)

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