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  1. Thank you.

    PUT tomorrow is it.

  2. The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

    I agree that the company is vaporware but I’m not buying puts fam.

    I remember visiting r/realnikola back in the day for bear thesis but NKLA has potato strength

  3. I am choosing to short it instead. IV is pretty high on NKLA so short term expires could just bleed out theta overtime.

  4. And that’s how I lost 5k

  5. Nikola will make you money when they are bought by GM for the patents.

    At which point I’ll short GM.

  6. The problem with NKLA is that their product isn’t even feasible with our current battery technology – they weigh too much.

  7. everybodyhatesdante

    Let’s say you had $100 dollars in your account, what puts would you take out tomorrow?

  8. Fundamentals you say? Ok buy calls got it! I learned a lot from Tesla fundamentals too 🙂

  9. I want to join you but this market is full of retarded fanbois.

  10. I think the settlement wording also allows them to recoup funds from from Milton that were gained as a result of his fraudulent behavior. It’s estimated at somewhere around a billion dollars worth of company stock.

    Just adding for context.

    I have no current positions in nikola but if anything I’d probably short it.

  11. The market has shown p/e is now irrelevant. Tesla proceed no one gives a fuck about that.

  12. Investors bought Tesla for years when it wasn’t profitable.

  13. Buy puts on CAR, even more free $

  14. Short for this trade is the crowded trade

    As it goes down ur puts will decay from IV, IV went up only coz it gets short squeezed on these moves

    U’ll see what i mean

  15. TD can’t find me shares to short.

    I’m going to enter into some Bear Spreads, since I think buying Puts will just get IV crushed.

  16. Endgame_Warrior

    They settled with the SEC for 125 mil. Still doesn’t mean they produce a viable product or that TM wasn’t a liar and POS. Do they even have actual running prototypes yet or are they still gravity rolling the damn things down hill?

  17. SunriseSurprise

    Give it a day or two. As shitty as this company is, good news is good news, and their fanboys have been persistent. Furthermore, electric in general is doing pretty well lately, so even though AH isn’t looking great, it could potentially not crater back down for a few days.

  18. Outrageous_State9450

    What’s the difference between puts and shorting?

  19. I think people made similar arguments for TSLA back when it was just a couple hundred a share. Most of the time when i see bears on here they’re drowning in red. Sure the company stinks but shorting is not the way. Not these days..

  20. TIL: NKLA is still around

  21. Dude I bought puts out the ass on this company when they were being exposed and the stock went through the roof. Not buying anything on this company stay the fuck away if you are smart. This company is a rigged game

  22. From tredingview NKLA: income statement 2020, revenue 95k, net income -397,72m , profit margin -418653,68% that’s the greqtest loss porn, EVER, yet, that is, this year they’re expected to earn 0 $ and surely they’ll burn through cash

  23. How does the joint venture with Iveco fit it into this? That factory is well under way isn’t it?

  24. Do you know how many garbage business modells and failed company are absolutely SOARING ?

  25. i lost all my money on long term nkla puts


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