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  1. Stop losses can save you when price goes against you. Stop losses can also cost you with wicks or bounces. It always works both ways.

  2. Gotta be selective, if stonk is volatile like GME they’re just gonna jam it down 40% hit ur stop loss and bounce back

    This was a decent spot to stop loss tho nice OP

  3. Or, and hear me out here guys, don’t pick stocks that go down 28% after hours.

  4. WeUsedToBeNumber10

    Now officially down 65% on PTON. Well at least when I sell I’m not going to have to pay taxes.

  5. today on WSB: How to Lose Money Correctly

  6. Did at anytime occur to you at 150 it was hugely overvalued? I had a similar experience with one of the hydrogen stocks. Bought at 6 and figured on holding it for years. For almost no reason at all it zoomed to 60. I got out as quickly as I could. Dropped back into the 20’s. It may head back up someday but I have no regrets and chose not to be greedy.

  7. The real question here is why we’re you bullish on PTON?

  8. I hate Stop losses.
    For example today, Digitalocean went down 12% after earnings and finished with a sweet 10% gain.

    The stop losses would have been triggered and all my potential gains as well.

  9. Accomplished_Map2050

    Don’t use stop losses let it go to zero “Be a Man”

  10. Can you set a stop loss for pre or after market hours? I tried to set one on Webull and it’s only effective during trading hours

  11. Solid advice. You deserve an award!

  12. You sound boring and not retarded enough to be on this sub. Leave!

  13. Stupid. Stop losses are for retards scared of volatility.

  14. Fuck your bikes. Go to the gym to look at ladies butt

  15. Happylittle_tree

    Stop losses are for pussies, lambo or wendys, no inbetween


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