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  2. TF?

    Who let r/politics into the chat?


  3. Okay, I will dip my toe in this pool.

    I’m not saying you are wrong & maybe right BUT.

    Overlay the money dudes that get quarterly bonuses and the annual bonus on performance.

    These shits MOVE the markets.

    Sept is always historically horrible because that are killing and setting up the year end.

    Wanna invest? Think 6, 9, 12 months out, research and know your company.

    If what I said bores you. Go to Vegas or these misfits. Either will help you lose your money.

  4. Stonks never go down! Hold! Diamond Hands! Call! Buy the dip! Pump’n’Pump! To the moon!

  5. Reddit_Burns_Books

    Your Santa Claus Rally is sitting in over half a million containers across a hundred plus ships floating just off the coast of California just getting absolutely shit on by inflation. There’s not enough truckers in the entire wold to move that much cargo in just 20-odd days.

    …and you couldn’t even be bothered to undo the SALT tax deduction removal.

    And after that, the Treasury is going to have to float over a trillion dollars worth of bonds to a world that just isn’t transacting that much oil.

    And after that, the ex-covid GAAP base effects wear off.

    If you don’t think things are going to unwind in short order, you’re fucking high.

  6. Substantial-Impact-9

    Sell all stonks to drop price for me

  7. For the past 30 years if you bought the October S&P dip and held till new years you win 100% of the time. We’re probably fine. Until we aren’t.

  8. When everyone walks around reassuring one another is usually the best time for lube that lasts a couple weeks. Everyone will sell you the idea on the way up just as they do on the way down. Everything is transitory.

  9. Chomsky can go fuck himself to the bread line, he’ll be way behind me when my tendies are gone.

  10. wokeandchoseViolence


  11. Congress just approved another trillion dollar “infrastructure” bill last week right? That should keep the bubble going for at least another 3-4 months.

  12. As long as a bull run happens they’ll always be someone in the media screaming about how the end is near.

    I think the tech bubble was the one anyone with half a brain saw coming from 100 miles away. There isnt that huge glaring elephant in the room anytime soon now since we’ll be on that post covid high for a while.

  13. Moist_Lunch_5075

    You’re largely correct, and I think whenever anyone reads something on here they need to consider that the person commenting may have a vested interest regardless of their position. We’re all here playing a market position, so we all have biases intertwined in that.

    But a lot of these bear theses are just fearporn and whenever someone gives limited information and declares that the world is about to explode, it’s a good sign that they’re trying to manipulate people’s amygdalas and make them do bad shit based on fear.

    Incidentally, I was having a discussion with another one of the economists at work about the market’s behavior during different regimes and he mentioned that returns were higher from 2017-2020 compared to other years, and I pointed out that the reason they were higher was not due to significantly higher arcs (the market meanline from 2011 through 2016 wasn’t that different with the exception of the period after March 2020, if you measure highs), but rather because during 2016-2020 there were significantly more large downswings.

    It’s easy to make money when everything’s going up, but if you an active participant in the market you get more juice when you have more volatility to mine, which is why large active funds like big swings. So there’s meat to your contention that there’s a wag-the-dog aspect to all of this.

  14. I_love_coke_a_cola

    I know I said this in another thread but there will always be safe metals in March


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