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  1. I am, was waiting on an entry

  2. fuckthesuitshard

    ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4735) buy now!

  3. fuck that, my money has been parked here for too long. lost cost opportunity.

  4. You made a whole post just to say buy the dip

  5. TLDR: “Please please don’t leave me holding the bag!”

  6. Palentir Sheep are getting restless.

  7. $26 bag holder here with 54 shares. I ain’t going to look until 2026

  8. Still priced too high for me.

  9. One thing I will never do, not murder or cheat or steal, but buy PLTR

  10. JamesandthegiantpH

    It’s up 150% in a year…

  11. just bought 5 leaps. Looking for 5 more. so 10 leaps and 1k shares is the plan.

    Is that enough OP or should I go 100% in?

  12. LegWorkIsRealWork

    When you say “long term hold” my eyes glaze over and I just read “massive share dilution, range bound, will fall back into the teens”. It’s a weird affliction but my doctor can’t do anything about it 🤷‍♂️

  13. Lol the Deutsche Bank guy. Thought the same 😂

  14. Or buy any other stock and actually start making money

  15. Then you’re going to be really happy this Christmas

  16. Degenerate_Trader69

    The dilution is real i just bounced out of pltr

  17. Just but 6 call options exp Dec 17th strike 24

    Am i screwed?

  18. InappropriateInvesta

    Bruh. This not GME or AMC. No one is diamond handing palantir.

  19. So my 1/21/22 are fucked?

  20. This will go back to $28 in 2 months, per 6 month chart… like clockwork. Fuck shares, Dec 23 calls, ahhhhhthanku

  21. Can you elaborate more on the Deutsche Bank guy and what happened? I’m curious

  22. Dude fuck off I’ve been bagholding this stock for a year and it’s literally barely break even in that time. There have been multiple earnings calls and it all results in the same garbage returns.

  23. Itonlygetshigher420

    Price target upgrades by morning star and Morgan Stanley…

    Stock goes -5% lol.

  24. Don’t worry baby ape. We’ll pick you up at $30 on our way to the moon…

    **NAH, JUST KIDDING!!** ![img](emote|t5_2th52|5957)

  25. You lost me at palantir is a long term hold

  26. thegoldenenigma

    you want retail to buy when the CEO is selling millions of shares every week and has been doing so for a year.

    ill pass OP 🤡

    Edit: Go fuck yourself bagholder

  27. Yeah its perfect for my tax loss harvesting

  28. glittervomit123

    25c Jan 2023 pls print

  29. Peter Thiel, the CIA and government contracts for massive abuse of data. This is a company destined for very big things.

    The absolutely disgusting business practices they engage in for Uncle Sam assure me my money is absolutely safe. Buy the dip.

  30. Selling csps to get a better price or collect premium

  31. I’ll leverage the shit out of this dip. I demand my rebound. Perfect earnings and -18% drop. So fucking retarded.

  32. uselesslife2019

    I’ve bought and sold a couple times now making an honest $ along the way but I’ve still literally no idea what Palantir is nor why it exists

  33. I’m actually buying ITM LEAPs on this one, which I never do. $15Cs Jan 2024 the breakeven is like $26 right now. I will happily own more of this one at $15 2 years from now. Meanwhile not gonna worry about the garbage price action.

  34. This is the perfect thetagang stock. Load shares and sell calls. Then sell puts. Take assignment if needed. My cost basis is negative because of all the calls I’ve sold lol.

  35. You can’t have a good ride up if it doesn’t go down first to get a good price.

  36. thank god mf went down. I was afraid it was gon take off without me having increased my position yet lmaoo.

  37. I’ve been told to buy the dip on PLTR since last year..amazing how we’ve come full circle on this damn stock.

    No thanks, there’s better and less frustrating stocks to lose my money on. 💩

  38. Shit I’ll move from bags from Clov to Pltr

  39. FatCatBoomerBanker

    Just sell $20p leaps. Buying calls is a dangerous game but selling $20p is either free money or buying the dip and then just holding more shares.

  40. Bought $PLTR 12/23 35c & 30c

    Come at me.

  41. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4263)

  42. So many better opportunities out there than this crappy company. Bad earnings and a mess in the call so you say buy? Just stop. PM me for real DD. Damn man lol


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