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  1. Good find OP. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like its going to finally have its deSPAC run. Lets go 🚀🚀🚀

  3. exSpac play that hasn’t had a run yet. Yoloing all my money in now.

  4. The guys account is 3 years old yet has less than 200 karma 🤔

  5. invest_opinions

    I’m in and I’m staying there for LONG ! Go $AUR!

  6. ruderalspadeyec9

    Bought some options let’s go

  7. Nice find — I’m in for a few hundred shares.

  8. Yes…YESSSS!

    Bought a March 22 $15C. Woulda bought more but am poor. Seems like free money

  9. Worried-Shallot-8681

    I am in long. But could be good swing trade

  10. Why even write this post when you don’t even understand wat a despac play. You haven’t mentioned anything about public float and short interest which are two key metrics for a despac play.

  11. Worried-Shallot-8681

    If you are long on $aur, also research $embk

  12. OP- what’s your positions? Commons or calls?

  13. collinincolumbus

    Only a ~30% redemption rate, not too bad in the current market. Might play.

  14. KinkySurprise123

    u/pennyether deltaflux table?

  15. catsRawesome123

    OP why did you plagiarize another post without citing?

  16. This will recover my recent $PLTR loss

  17. Bet against Tsla and get Rittenhoused

  18. Sounds interesting, got myself 115 of them.

  19. Their investors are uber (has a controlling stake), Amazon (it’s how I found AUR a couple weeks ago), Toyota. The founders are from TSLA and Waymo. The Waymo guy actually headed Carnegie Mellon autonomous unit and was poached, he started the Waymo google group aka he lead the inception of it. The dude from TSLA ran tesla’s autopilot. The recent shift to focus on autonomous trucks make the problem more tractable. For instance they have contracts with PACCAR and VOLVO which manufacture 50% of class A trucks in the US. Have deal with FedEx and have launched a commercial pilot of autonomous trucks for a stretch of freeway in Texas. They also have some very favorable terms in the spac agreement and a solid pipe. Really surprised only a bit of this has been mentioned.

  20. Thank you greatly for this. Bought 25 contracts and more shares. Hopefully this uptick continues through December

  21. Thanks for the post, nice way to start a Friday with a 4K gain on Dec 17 calls

  22. Worried-Shallot-8681

    Enjoyed some of the rewards today for my patience. Got in under $10, 2 weeks ago and was surprised it barely moved when it despac. Glad it is taking off and getting more traction. After some more research into self driving trucks. I bought around 4400 of $EMBK around $8, feel it is undervalued. $TSP is around $40, Cathie woods went heavy into $TSP and it blew up. Not financial advice and do your DD ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|money_face)

  23. #As someone that spent 3 years in the self driving industry, I strongly recommend Aurora for the strong technology team and the partnership they have with some of the top players like Paccar, Volvo, Toyota etc. Paccar has exclusive partnership with Aurora. Others like TuSimple and Embark are joke compared to Aurora

  24. Damn nice dude it went up 50% today. Too bad im still a kid and gave no money to invest

  25. Bought 40 shares at $12.23 for $500, in this one long


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