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  1. Completely agree. The downside seems to be pretty limited at this point. Adding shares everyday and hold 5 2/18 40c. If it drops more I’ll be adding to my calls as well, probably March exp. though

  2. Wow, I didn’t realize it had fallen this far since I sold around $60. Time to buy more I guess

  3. bigTiddedAnimal

    I can’t say much about competitors but FanDuel and their sister companies are rotten. Do not recommend.

  4. I did not realize it had gotten this low as well; until I saw this post. Are December calls too soon to have right now? I see most of ya have next year calls.

  5. JollyOlDiggerNick

    I’m going in tomorrow. 70 by March πŸš€

  6. I have 469 shares at 46 also! Let’s fucking blow this stock up!!

  7. Been down 11 days out of last 12. Chances are, it’s very close to a reversal.

  8. baby-need-some-shoes

    12/17 50c x 10 ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4968)

  9. Man my bullish case has been desimated to the point where it is now “it can’t get much worse, right?”

  10. Holding the bag. 2500 shares avg 47. I have lost all hope

  11. Thanks for the post, op. I just got back in recently and will continue to add at these levels. Great entry price at these levels imo. Adding FaZe Clan to their roster was a nice addition.

  12. The concerning part is that NY is taking 51% of the cut. People keep harping on NJ gaming numbers, but that is NJ, not NY. NJ only takes like 13% of the pie. The huge concern is if other states follow suit with NY and start getting greedy. What’s to stop CA from taking 51% or even more too? Why won’t NJ eventually take more? If states start taking more of the pie than was anticipated, it’ll put a significant crimp in the long term outlook for sports gambling stocks, because the more states get the more margins get squeezed. The barriers to entry are also low. DKNG is spending huge amounts of cash because there is just a lot of competition. It will be that way for quite a while too. People can keep harping on things like user account growth numbers etc …’s all fluff. It needs to translate to tangible earnings. The market wants to see losses decreasing, costs decreasing, margins improving, and a clear path towards profitability. Increases in revenue are nice, but that’s a topline number, and it needs to be taken relative to how much cash DKNG has to keep burning to fuel revenue growth. Growing revenues doesn’t mean much if you have to spend tons to achieve it and your bottom line numbers end up going nowhere. There are just clouds right now because of too much competition and NY taking 51%, which might encourage other states to take more. DKNG is still richly valued at this price given that it is a pre-profitable company. There is no room for error, so if any flaws get spotted the violence in price drop can be dramatic. There is definitely still a lot more room to drop because the valuation is still very rich.

  13. i stopped reading after “best swing trade”
    pos : 4x 12/17 40c

  14. Rode this roller coaster since the spac days. Ready for some serious g forces and dizziness as we once again ascend into the unknown.

  15. I worked in Fantasy Sports with a startup called Fanmouth, ruby on rails fantasy betting app with cash and virtual credits for the kiddos… Yahoo came calling but the offer was not solvent so we went the angel route… built a good product but it was a marketing game and DK won with the Disney Espn connect, 24/7 ads running free, respect… buying shares now, thx for the dd

  16. DKNG isnt event transitioning to an uptrend. I don’t say it can’t happen, but for now it’s still clearly in a downtrend with no indication for more. I will wait to see some sign of recovery.

    IMO 3M is a much better swing trade for the end of 2021. At least it has started a new uptrend.

  17. yeap, I started buying at 42$… I will be loading up while below 40$…. this is basically free money by March.

  18. small starter…will add larger positions the more it drops. never assume previous bounces will work this time.

  19. I’ve got my yolo still going at -70% or so… January 2022 50c.
    Wish i could move them out to the summer but too big of a hit

  20. If Twitter partners with Draftkings in some fashion its game over. doubt it would be this year but in 2022 potentially.

  21. Brilliant_Cockroach6

    I have a big position of DKNG in my roth IRA. I am in NJ and many many people bet on sports in some capacity. NJ broke the single month $$ record for October for sports wagers placed.


    Back to DKNG, the stock has been getting absolutely manhandled since early September. I am talking about any sight of green is immediately met with a bitch slap of multiple, if not weeks, of red. It is pretty unreal at this point that this company which everyone echoes positive rhetoric about is down over 40% in the last 7 weeks. I really do not know what to expect with this one, but profit will come in time. Good DD OP


    EDIT: bag holding 500 shares at an average price of 51.xx

    Been a struggle to even write off calls since every fucking day is red.

  22. another partnership with the bruins. every team secured is low acquisition cost for new customers

  23. YUmmy to ignore. Retards are we going to kill the shorts ?

  24. AbsolutelyNotYourDad

    I’ve been watching it closely, always loved DKNG.

    I don’t see sport gambling going away soon, and DKNG is the best place to bet(lol) on.

    My position is 300 long shares at 42 and a few 50/45 put credit spread for 17 Dec.

  25. Feels like we should be nearing the bottom

  26. Imo its a very long process but once more online gambling is legalized dkng will be very high with all of the deals they are making they are trying to keep customers and eventually itll work loading up while its dirt cheap

  27. They really seemed to peak around March Madness so I’d expect a run up in a few months. I’ve bought and sold DKNG a few times since it’s IPO and I’d say this is a great buy in price.

  28. Brilliant_Cockroach6

    lol stock is unreal.. took 14 minutes to turn red today….progress. And took an hour for it to go from 2% green to 3% red lol

    If you are just stumbling on this thread or recently brought this has been occurring pretty much daily for weeks.

  29. RadicalFarCenter

    I’ve swung DKNG a couple times past year. Good stock for that. I still think this should be an $80 stock. I been buying up this dip since it dropped below 40. Got some today at 36 and change. Ready for the next run up


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