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  1. Thank you for the sacrifice.

  2. Whaleoilbefuked

    Thanks a bunch. Let me know when you decide to do this again ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)

  3. Sorry dude. Only way you could have saved the market was to inverse yourself and buy puts. We now know that this is a dead cat bounce

  4. You are the ape we needed, but dont deserve. Rest in pieces, my sweet prince. ?

  5. TheNextBigWhale

    Pass me whatever you are smoking

  6. God speed. We will all be to metaverse soon

  7. Finally someone who sacrificed oneself for the good of others tendies.

  8. KickMeWhenImDown25

    Thanks for taking one for the team. It’s been a rough week for me and my last min NVDA calls at close yesterday needed to come through! You da man!

  9. My single contract is about to print! Lol. I wish I had bought more, but I’m poor.

  10. are you literally me? i wold my 300c at around the same exact time

  11. ThrowAwayhfhdjhxnjd

    ty for your service

  12. Thank you for your sacrifice. I had made many tendies this morning thanks to your selfishness

  13. WidepeepoHappysad

    So you bought the “dip”?

  14. I love you, thank you sir

  15. Poland_Spring10

    I also did my part. I had 800 shares of NVDA and i sold 500 shares at 3:59 PM for around $300. I also sold 25 call options few minutes before market close at a 15% loss. I have 0 of those but I can still see the price and it says I would have made 150% gain

  16. You son of bitch…… you pulled it off. You did nothing, absolutely nothing, and made it look effortless.

  17. I did the opposite. Bought GOEV and bam, it crashed

  18. I would like you for being the sacrificial lamb for all of us. You will get good karma from this someday. You still can get some leaps for NVIDIA and turn your luck around.

  19. May god give you sufficient saliva to lick those nasty wounds.

    Get well soon Dexter’s monkey.

  20. Thank you fellow autists tendies are great up here. Thank you for da fading action. Let me know when you do it again

  21. Woah woah woah bro you don’t get all the credit. I took a break from losing money a while ago and the plays I had been making suddenly started printing.

    I am also unselfishly refraining for making these plays for the betterment of degenerates everywhere.

    Apes strong together?

  22. Thank u for ur sacrifice.

  23. Screw you all my stocks are dumping today

  24. My portfolio thanks you for your sacrifice ?

  25. small step for a man, giant leap for ape kind ?
    Thank you!

  26. Hambonesrevenge

    How do you not always money on nvidia? It was a given that earnings would be great, and the sell off yesterday was a perfect time to buy calls. I did great on mine.

  27. It’s an honor having such a selfless dude among us

  28. FallenChickenWing

    Bro! I had a similar situation. I had puts on it because the company is VASTLY over valued, but I realized, if it got this high without correcting, and if I’m expecting good earnings results, why the hell would it dip on earnings?

    So I swapped my puts for calls, made some profit, sold those calls, and got some Dec 31 puts for when it inevitably corrects as people take profits on it jumping ~40% in the last month.

    Don’t fomo. Don’t be emotional. And don’t make big trades on things you are particularly unsure about.


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