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  1. Status_Lack4406

    oh well hopium is all i got left as well

  2. Im negative on apple connection here however I do believe that Canoo is a better ev play for good reasons. Thier platform and price both is good for commercial purposes and can become leader in that niche. Market cap is relatively lower then rest of the insanity. Ceo has plenty of backing from big guns.

  3. lifesabeach2000

    in for 3000 GOEV shares

  4. lifesabeach2000

    i am feeling GOEV fomo and would love to buy more shares right now, but I am margin-ed to the max.

    is it possible that Kranz (former Canoo CEO) worked on the Canoo vehicles for like 5 years… when they met with Apple, they said something like “we love what you did, you have a job with us if you ever want” … and Kranz felt like he completed whatever mission at Canoo… and moving to Apple would be taking on a new, exciting, different project for him… and it’s as simple as that… and there possibly is no huge news of a collaboration…

    Worst case – Canoo is going to make practical, affordable, intelligent designed vehicles and find customers.

  5. Hey sorry for the coming insult.

    But you wsb guys are all about Pump and Dump don’t have the balls to ride out rough sea.
    Like the previous 2 Canoo’s P&D

    And this ain’t some reverse psychology, the balls are as smooths as your brains..

  6. What if Apple hired white hat hackers to test out VDL and they failed

  7. Apple is so secretive that even if its true, it will never be confirmed and will actually be denied by both parties until your neighbors are driven by apple cars, but it will be reflected in revenue.

  8. adjustable_beard

    This is dumb. Canoo quit the OEM business plan.

    Canoo canceled their deal with Hyundai/kia already because they dont want to sell their platforms to OEMs.

    Apple wont be using Canoo.

    Apple will be working with Magna and they’ll use whichever platform Magna provides. There’s a small possibility that platform will be Ree Auto given that magna has a deal with Ree, but there’s no way to know at the moment.

  9. ponderingexistence02

    If Im not mistaken Canoo has the patent for the seating arrangements [](

    Apple has patents for the safety measure regarding those seating arrangements. Could be something but who knows. I started a small position just in case with a tight stop loss.

  10. Walmart has to be in the works as well.

  11. Apple will not buy a small company. More likely they partner with a big player with large manufacturing pipeline.

  12. Apple doesn’t give a shit about Canoo


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