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  1. Me and my calls really like your perspective

  2. People have been talking about investment psychology for years. Now with social media we have a better way to measure it.

  3. Maybe you should get a PHD

  4. There was a post recently trying to answer your question. The gist was that there was increased volatility in the top 10 most discussed stocks. But they did not lead to higher returns. I would suggest to try to find that post yourself. I think the pot stocks failed to take off due to the significant legality issues that must be resolved at the federal level, including the banking industry. A lot of dispensaries still can’t take credit cards. And once it’s legalized, the drug lords will be even richer from their overseas imports. I’m all for pot legalization. But I don’t think for it’s not a significant source of profitability until banks start doing credit cards and dealing with overseas drug lords.

  5. Everyone! This guy is the newest WSB celebrity! His loss porn is going to be epic. He has the potential to give DFV a run for his money. I can just feel it. If I could buy 24 hour out of the money putson his entire portfolio, I would.


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