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  1. What is this zero effort DD… not even rockets… SMH

  2. Working-Form1858

    Soooo what big money exactly?

  3. No clue on the big money thing, thought the stock is down due to not meeting earnings/revenue expectations in september, although revenue was positive it wasn’t enough to impress people into buying. If earnings after holidays beat expectations it will bounce back probably but i’m in it for the long run so it doesn’t matter to me, i’m in 100 shares @ $33, down 25% and don’t care. Will buy more when i can.

    If any big money does enter i am holding still because i believe in this company, the products and what they stand for.

  4. future_isp_owner

    As a bag holder of CRSR I hope you are correct.

  5. What’s the thesis behind institutions getting in?

  6. I have a few calls for the launch.

  7. I bought this shit right around IPO at $15…held on thru the massive rally to 50+ (completely justified) and the gradual bleed back down (market manipulation)…aaaand finally got sick of looking at it this week and bailed around $25.

    So yeah, it’s gonna moonshot very soon. You’re welcome.

  8. Miserable-Cucumber70

    So Jeremy convinced u to buy it….then u just saw his video on loss harvesting?

  9. DixieNormousYOLO

    IMO this stock is going nowhere: it’s -29.27% YTD, and there’s always something with it. I’ve been following it since about a year ago and not once I thought it would be a good investment.

    SHOP, NVDA, AMD, U, ABNB, NET, DDOG are great tech stocks, but not so sure about CRSR. Disclaimer: I own $6M of SHOP, $2M of NVDA, $1M of U, and others sub-$1M (and I also have a tiny $50k position of NET 2022 puts out of play money). This isn’t big money but it’s something.

  10. CapitalNumber4904

    I’m bag holding at $44ish sooooooo 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  11. Holy shit! That’s incredible I’m going all in on this bitch! 🤡🤡

  12. imakenomoneyLOL

    You would have done better to just call this a metaverse play since institutions think Roblox is the best metaverse stock but know nothing of other current metaverse companies. That is where the real big money will come from


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