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  1. I like the play only to see if it’ll fill that gap on the daily

  2. I’d like to see how it plays. Please keep us posted

  3. I too have a decision to make…. You see, Im thinking of, and willing to, take a shit in 20 minutes….however, this play could be retarded, we will find out in 20.

  4. Do people still use snap chat? All my homies hate snap chat.

  5. I see a major opportunity here and put about $200k in on leaps in February. Snap has had a history of beating expectations by a lot. Given where there stock price is now, analyst expectations and the technicals, I’d say the stock is poised to hit at least $65 in my opinion. There’s almost a major gap above $60 and those typically get filled so we might see this thing hit $75 by end of Q1.

  6. Historical_Card_7714

    Those aren’t LEAPS, and you’d better hope the Fed stops even whispering in a hawkish tone.

  7. AssociateDirector

    I don’t know a single person that uses snapchat

  8. I bought 450 2024 leaps on spy. A 10% gain in spy equals a 50% profit for me based solely on delta not IV. If spy only gives 10% yoy I make good money. But spy has done a lot more yoy.

  9. Personally I don’t like the business model or see the company becoming like Meta.

    Don’t see how Twitter and Snapchat will become that level.

    But for trading, Snapchat could easily rebound back to $70-80.

    So buying a leap for some recovery might work. But long term I just don’t see it.

  10. The chart looks primed for a bounce


    I have 88k in twitter 49$ leaps

  12. Pineapplebrat and snippets of a 14 year old football prospect isn’t worth billions of dollars.

  13. What the fuck does snap even do ? Their platform is losing users left and right. Revenue making is getting harder for them. Their other gadgets are garbage. What exactly is snap doing which is great ?

  14. Fuck leaps, load them FDs let’s go πŸš€ lmao

  15. Odd_Refrigerator1787

    my jan calls down 65%


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