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  1. First never bet more then 10% of your investment account in one stock but 5% is better and buy the support floors and sell the rip rinse and repeat.

  2. New-to-StockReddit

    Free education?

  3. OP is not the hero we deserve, but OP is the hero we need.

  4. Aka How to polish a turd

  5. SoFi_Invest_now

    I bought T and VZ in 2016 for the dividends. They have given me that. Thought they might go up some too. I mean isn’t that market up like 100%. ??

  6. I think I need to pay you instead of my therapist, can you prescribe medication though?

  7. OP gets me!! I always choose the losers ?

  8. BokitoIsMijnVriend

    sounds reasonable, lots of nice emojis

    all in on PLTR

  9. SNDL looks over sold

  10. EpstiensHouseboy

    I was about to buy some vanguard ETFs but your post got me back on track.

    Buying stocks I don’t have any clue about briefly mentioned in WSB sub by someone who’s most likely a long term bag holder

  11. Rare_Cause_1735

    Can’t go wrong with WISH

  12. Let’s fuckin go OP. How much PLTR you own is the truest mark of a man

  13. Also remember that all stocks will instantly shoot up once you sell. Dammit SJM.

  14. RadicalFarCenter

    I buy PLTR on a regular basis and don’t care what the price is because one day PLTR will be skynet and I’ll be rich. If not i die as broke as I am today. Oh well

  15. This also applies to the following; CLOV CRSR RKT

  16. Remember, you only DATE stocks, NEVER Marry one!!

  17. If you think the difference between 4% down and 3% down is a gain of 1%, you’re certainly on the right track. You should buy more OTM leap calls.

  18. I capitulated on CRSR and PLTR the other day. Sticking with stocks that actually go up from now on. Currently in FB, NET, AMD, NVDA.

  19. I also have a retard-proof psychological hack for options. Even though I’m jacked to the tits with call options, i always make sure to buy a fractional share (~$1 worth) of any stock I’m optioning. This means that even if options expire worthless, i never am in a situation when I’d have to say that my position related to the given stock went to 0. I always have the fractional share left which has non-0 value. And since i can never lose everything, why wouldn’t i always YOLO everything i have? Right?

  20. This is definitely financial advice

  21. Good guide. Sounds just like ARK way

  22. Aye aye, Captain, stonks only go up !!

  23. Important-Ad-4000

    Or just go and buy the future of healthcare, CLOV. Stupid ducks with their DD. Well I guess I’m more retarded for listening to them

  24. Tbh… You could have made decent $ buying the dips on PLTR and selling ~$27/sh

  25. if your investing methodology fails, just buy pant stocks. Everyone needs pants.

  26. im_a_real_goober

    Buying 100 $BIG on monday

  27. Forgot to mention never sell at a loss

  28. *scribbles notes in crayon*

  29. buttnuts_in_cambodia


  30. The quality of the subreddit has been volatile.

  31. WISH exhibited some downward volatility as of late. You know what else exhibited volatility? Amazon, ever heard of it?

  32. Palantards unite! Hold strong! Papa Karp will lead us through these tough times!

  33. Fucking lol

    Top kek fellow Palintard

  34. Karp gave the janitor 50 million shares while you typed that

  35. gammaradiation2

    So happy you used an example that is directly relevant to my portfolio so that I could fully comprehend.

    Next time some tic toc vids with graphics would be nice. It’s hard to digest these complex concepts with words I can barely read.

  36. $PLTR is currently trading at 42 x revenue, it is grossly overvalued, an overvalued company will generally either trade sideways until its business grows to catch up with valuation or it will correct to a more reasonable valuation


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