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  1. I loaded up on a handful of 12/31 118c when they dipped down during the middle of Nov.

  2. There’s a reason it hasn’t shot up. It takes years to turn out new capacity and investors basically already know their revenue. It’s not a tech company, it’s manufacturing so it won’t move as much as others. Still a good play, but don’t expect a 10 bagger here

  3. Great analysis, but social credit score -9999, see you in concentration camps.

  4. TSM Is my 2nd biggest winner stock. Under 120 is a great buy in, under 115 is a no brainer. Hoping we see 140 by mid Jan.

  5. No thanks Jeff, I’ll load up on SOXL

  6. Do the same now for ASML ?

  7. I yolo on this due to the same analysis, u forgot to mention the new vr from Apple will be only patent with tsm cpu, they have shit ton of demand and fab are working 100%.
    Is just unluck stock born in the wrong country if this was from usa it was trading easy at 400$.

    We need a bull wave pass 145, and ceo annuncing a split.

    Its the only way.

    Técnically 107-111 loading up.

    128 if not brake is a sell point.

  8. I like TSMC, but Intel in my eyes is more undervalued and are aggressively trying to get back to premier status

  9. Thanks, i’ll wait $110 again for entry

  10. No it’s not, shilling on my boi Himx here.

  11. Prestigious_Bison189

    Is intel dead and not worth of investing at all??

  12. As a bagholder all year long, I am appreciating all the recent pep talks.

    I just hope we can get a santa rally and close this year above 125.

  13. not bagholding but am disappointed with the price action when compared to NVDA or AMD or even ASML. what gives? is it because it is close proximity with China??

  14. 2relentless2die

    Nobody cares if china invades. WW3 will not be fought to save AMD and Nvda fanboys. INTEL is the play if you’re looking for a undervalued semi. 9 p/e with fastest chips on the market , new gpu coming out , new fabs , congress about to give them billions, MobileEye about to be the clear leader in robotaxi etc. List goes on and on. It’s only in the shitter based purely on sediment and that will change as it always does then it’ll rise like Phoenix from the ashes.

  15. Great DD, but of all of them Intel is probably the one you can invest in now. China will take over Taiwan and the US will not do anything about it. Not even Trump will try to stop it. Intel is behind on Tech but not behind on cash. They are the only ones that could quickly diversify supply chains. But with that said, I am not investing in them. I prefer my FDs

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