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  1. Cards are so last century. We just just move to mobile payment like China

  2. Complains about ‘level playing field’. There is no level playing field.

  3. Actually Rupay has only a small market share and people doesn’t prefer it in India .
    The real competition for Visa is UPI in which Google Pay is the market leader . The transaction volumes are rising everyday and is huge . The transfers using UPI is instant and is going to be the future .

  4. All PM Modi has to do is to ask President Biden at what stage of approval is the Indian Covid Vaccine COVAXIN is with FDA.

  5. Visa sounds like a spoiled child that’s going to get his DAD to beat up your DAD

  6. how can i buy shares of rupay?

  7. Can I just say that RuPay is an excellent name for an Indian payment processor?

  8. I hope RuPay eats’em up! F* Visa and MC. Spoiled little whiny bitches… there isn’t a level playing field in business you pukes! That’s the point of business. Let the good succeed and the hell with the bad. This fucking too big to fail and bailout era we have been living in is pathetic. If you run your business like shit, then eat shit. I’m so sick of this scared era. Like damn, let UPS take over the most inefficient run organization of USPS. Let tesla eat up the stragglers, let SpaceX eat up Nasa, and let gamestop eat whatever it wants. Let those that do right keep doing right. Ugh.. ok rant over lol

  9. I wonder when visa wl succeed in its complain to Bejing Biden about fair play in china.

  10. Adorable_Ad8515

    what does visa want the goverment to do …send the fucken army and invade delhi.

  11. GiveMeFreeEducation

    Didn’t read article…

    Can someone confirm if RuPaul is founder?

  12. Company engaging in anticompetitive behavior in the west accuses Indian company of engaging in anticompetitive behavior in India. More at 11.

  13. From Drag Race to payment systems? Impressive.

  14. theHumbleHustlr

    I would highly suggest people in this sub research the Flexa Network. Visa and Mastercard won’t be the only options for processing payments. Adapt or be left.

  15. Jeez. India always complaining.

    “Get out of here colonizers” now Visa. Ugh

  16. TheHoneySacrifice

    >Mastercard and Visa count India as a key growth market, but have been jolted by a 2018 central bank directive for them to store payments data “only in India” for “unfettered supervisory access”.

    >Mastercard faces an indefinite ban on issuing new cards in India after the central bank said it was not complying with the 2018 rules. A USTR official privately called the Mastercard ban “draconian”, Reuters reported in September.

    So it’s draconian for a country to insist that the data of its citizens be only stored onshore.

  17. Ah of course our destiny in the East is to silently let the white man make profits all the time at our expense. Cunts.

  18. I hope those Visa and Mastercard leeches taxing every transaction die of a Greek letter. 2% is too much for the service we are getting.

  19. Looks like they need some democracy.

  20. Just a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw great style and design.


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