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  1. You know they haven’t released whole movies because someone said sure without reading the script.

  2. The cynical side of me says yes. But as someone who knows an executive at Peloton from High School who was a fucking moron maybe not.

  3. Of course Peloton knew. And it was genius on their part. Peloton is now the talk of social media and dinner table conversations. Most companies would die (no pun intended) for this kind of exposure. Peloton is still building its brand and this was a nice step in that direction. The stock price reaction was a minor hiccup thats temporary for sure. It will be interesting to see their sales numbers the rest of December and 1Q 2022.

  4. Significant_Eye_5130

    I think you need to go back to law school.

  5. Cybertruck glass… They will sell a ton of bikes because of this.

    Just in time to buy a Christmas bike for your model girlfriend to boost her self esteem.

  6. Was the character recently vaccinated? haha

  7. MyStatusIsTheBaddest

    The stock is down 60% in 6 months and people think this stupid product placement on a horrible show hurt the stock. Lol idiots

  8. $PTON the next $ROKU 23% runner. Don’t ask how I know.

  9. SSG_Investments

    You can hear it in the silence…

  10. PTON is a, hernia inducing, heavy lift on the part of any management team – because when you get down to brass tacks, it’s just an iPad strapped to an exercise bike. Perhaps they can get the mythical salesman that can sell a trenchcoat to a guy in a wheelchair to head their sales dept?


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