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  1. You should just give your money to a newly subscribed redditor to this sub to yolo your money. He can either send you to the moon real fast or not.

  2. If you have enough money that you want it managed in a fund idk why you would be on wallstreet bets


  3. U think 2-5% is volatility, u haven’t seen my portfolio.

  4. Talk big, but arkk only 3.5% of his portfolio

  5. Cathy needs me…. I hear her calling to me in the night… with her glasses on and her skirt pulled down just a little bit biting her bottom lip looking back at me…. while my wife’s boyfriend visits my mother-in-law….

  6. > don’t care if I lose 5000$ a day for a week straight I’m here for the long term

    So youre after lose 5000$ a day for years straight?

  7. SSG_Investments

    Why not just manage your own portfolio?

  8. Cathie Woods is crazier than a weasel caught in a trap who just realized he chewed off the wrong leg.

  9. Careless_Aardvark621

    Crazy people are only cool if they’re successful geniuses. ARKK’s performance says otherwise.

  10. I second this, you want safety/no risk, go get a savings account and shut up🚮

  11. Adverse is a different word than averse. You’re looking for risk-averse

  12. When in doubt, zoom out

  13. You’re a degenerate like she is, except I can’t buy puts on your portfolio.

  14. Antique_Procedure387

    ARKK is unique. Interesting strategy looking for disruptive technologies. You have to figure that some of these companies will work and some fail. The strategy is that if they work the return is going to be immense offsetting the failures. I looked at what Amazon was trading at in 2000 – $20/share. A fund with the same philosophy as ARKK has today would have been all over that stock and the massive return would have more than made up for picking some losers. ARKK is designed to find the next Amazon.

  15. CommunicationAway341

    You should try Crypto. 40-60% of your Portfolio to get your blood vola going.

  16. Wow, this sub is shit now

  17. theverybigapple

    Long call credit spreads on Cathie

  18. In Cathie’s Wood I trust

  19. SpaghettiSandwich

    She’s gonna keep buying the dip on Teledoc until it’s a boring value stock.

  20. found the baggie but you do have a point about etf trader needing to be a bit crazy

  21. Tl;dr – puts on ARKK

  22. WTF is 2-5% my shit’s like 30%…. I dunno wtf I am doing I buy stonks because the names sound good.

  23. LastInspiration

    5%-7% swings on ARKK is volatility? weak.

    gotta pump those numbers up

  24. Go easy on the Ritalin, volitility-god.

  25. Certain-Alternative2

    She f’ed me on short dated pton puts

  26. dontfightthehood

    Looking at my portfolio I decided to play it safe and move to 100% Arkk

  27. What is it that makes her particularly crazy? Is it believing in the magical sky people?

  28. Jesus will lead the way.

  29. Cathie Woods is going to have to start handing out blow jobs behind Wendy’s in a month or so if her flagship fund keeps taking a shit like it has been since May of last year.


    Once it broke $100 support, this month, I knew things weren’t going to end well.


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